Thursday, May 7, 2015

I have 2 apologies to make

I realized after hitting publish on yesterday's post, I may owe a few of you an apology, or two.

While I wholeheartedly admit I am in fact a "complete wreck," it's not fair of me to drag everyone else under the bus along with me.

What I should have said is, "In fact, if we're honest with each other, I think we'll admit we are all in fact a little bit of a wreck. At least on some days."

Phew. There it is. It's been bothering me since I hit publish and rushed my family out the door for church last night.

Sure, I could have gone back and edited my post. However, this wreck-that-I am felt the need to be real and say, "I am sincerely sorry. My enthusiasm and emotion over getting real with myself got the best of me yesterday. My intention was not to diagnosis you, but simply to be raw & real."

Although, hopefully my intent came through in the rest of my post.

For me, being a wreck is allowing myself to finally be human. It means getting off the perfectionism train.

I'm learning how to live in the moment and be fully alive, without trying to worry about whether I am saying things "just-so" (as yesterday's post so 'beautifully' exhibits. Ha.)
Part of this process is learning to find and use my unique voice.

And, it's about allowing myself both to be messy and get messy in the process.

[In case you are wondering, being messy and getting messy are incredibly uncomfortable for me. I allowed myself to be extremely raw and vulnerable last night. Good news, I survived.
Bad news? I'm still recovering this morning. Two steps forward, one step back? Ah, that's what 'they say.' But, hey, life is an adventure...right?!?]

So, here's to 'progress not perfectionism!'

My other apology? That one goes out to the Fans of Fuzzy Die Worldwide. Yes, they do add a nice flair to certain vehicles from the '70's. Personally? They just aren't my thing. [grin.]

Keep pressing into the LORD, and KEEP LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

With grace & gratitude,

Photo credit: Amy Jo Ivey / Jeepster Commondo with Green Fuzzy Die / Cathlamet, WA / Easter '14

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I have 2 confessions to make...

A friendly reminder, 
you can now find me at my new website:

The first confession is that I am a complete and utter wreck. No big surprise there, right? In fact, if we're honest with each other, I think we'll admit we are all in fact, absolute and complete wrecks.

Maybe the biggest surprise, however, is that I'm actually quite thrilled to admit that I am, in fact, a wreck.

The state of 'being a wreck' is not just messy. It's beautiful. It's also exhilarating; and exhausting. It's overwhelming; and confusing.

I feel completely and utterly raw. As if all of my nerve endings have been stripped bare and exposed to the elements.

I love it. And, I hate it - all at the same time. Talk about confusing, right?

Maybe this is what it feels like to be fully alive. Regardless, I have a lot of processing to do. And, as I do, I'll share as I'm able to, and what I hope will bless others.

It's been awhile since I've blogged. I am taking several writing classes, attending writing retreats & conferences, and processing all kinds of life experiences, both big and small. Saying I'm on processing overload is an understatement.

In addition to writing my first book, my goals are to (1) write shorter blogs (2) write more frequently (3) write more consistently, and (4) write to bless my readers.

Truthfully, I am on my computer every single day. Every day I sit down to write. And, every day you don't see a new blog appear are the days where my first confession has paralyzed my brain, my heart and my fingers.

I appreciate your patience and grace along the way as I sort all of this out. I have a deep passion for writing about life and all God is teaching me. I'm excited to see where God is leading, and trust even 'this' is part of my process and journey. [Anyone else relate?]

Oh, my other confession? I absolutely despise fuzzy die. [grin]

Keep pressing into the LORD, and KEEP LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Joy and grace,

Photo credit: Amy Jo Ivey / Cathlamet, WA / Jeepster Commando With Fuzzy Die / Easter '14