Saturday, October 10, 2015

day 9 [the insight others provide]

Sen(i)or Selfie

Sometimes we need to change our viewpoint to get a better read on life.

Tonight Geoff and I drove out to the Portland International Airport for our date night...and then we spent it at IKEA. Nothing says awesome marriage like sharing Swedish meatballs and picking out the perfect new set of white coffee mugs! Seriously. (Grin.)

We had a great night, once we got out the door. I had yet another run-in with one of my kiddos. The kind that makes a mom's blood pressure and stress level rise. The instigator? How to finish off the meal I had started earlier in the afternoon. (Sigh.)

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As always, thank you for stopping by! I know your time is precious and I deeply appreciate your taking the time to read my words. May you be abundantly blessed today, and, may you know how deeply you are loved by the God who created you.

Keep pressing into LOVE and KEEP LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Smiling from a distance,

Photo Credit: Geoffrey D. Ivey / "Sen(i)or Selfie" / Caldwell Ranch, Garden Valley, Idaho / July 2015

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