Thursday, October 15, 2015

day 14 [on becoming: ages & stages]

Summer at Lake Louise

45. Not quite sure how I got here, but, here I am. (Well, I've been here since April, but no need to count months anymore. Ha.)

They say this is the prime age for having a mid-life crisis. The age when (apparently) the reality hits us our lives on this planet are half over (that is, if we actually survive to the age of 90.)

Wait, are mid-life crises only for men?!? (She asks, searching the recesses of her tired brain.)


Anyhow, yesterday I was thinking about the different ages and stages we all go through. It's interesting recognizing where I am at now in comparison to my kids. Especially my two continue reading this post, please visit me at my new website by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you, and your time.

Keep pressing into who you are becoming and KEEP LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

God is good,

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