Wednesday, August 12, 2015

why I can't write a new blog post

"Brave is the real you.
Lay down the swords and armor
of who you think you have to be.
Pick up your slingshot of bravery. Be brave.
The time has arrived for you to be who you are."
Bedlam Brave ~

It's been 3 months exactly since my last post. Three months since I shared my goal to "blog more consistently."

In those 3 months I have written quite a bit. For myself.

But, when I pull up my blog to write for publication, I suddenly become verklempt.

Here I am, trying to finally write a new post, and, guess what? I'm stuck. Painfully & miserably STUCK.

Part of it is the emotion so aptly embodied by my favorite Yiddish word. I have so many things I want to say, so many words yearning to come out. And so much emotion surrounding all of it.

The other part of my STUCK? ( continue reading on my new website, click here...)

Please make note of my new site & visit again soon. I look forward to staying in contact with you.

Blessings & grace,

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