Friday, May 3, 2013

you are loved

"Freedom comes in letting go
Open up the window to your heart
Freedom comes in letting go
Open up your heart"
JJ Heller, LOVED

We all have heart wounds. We lived in a fallen world where hurt people, hurt people. I've been on the receiving end - and I've watched those I deeply love be hurt by others. It stinks. It's painful. At times, it can be downright overwhelming.

But God. While He may allow our lives to be touched by sin, darkness, and pain - He never, ever leaves us. It's amazing the strength and JOY that can come through facing life's wounds.

Healing takes time. And, it takes surrender. It can be so incredibly scary to take the chance to let Love in to begin the healing process. Sometimes the pain gets worse before it gets better. But hold on to your faith and press into the hope that things will get better. Don't give up. Please.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and allow Him to be your all. He knows pain in ways none of us can even begin to imagine. And, He conquered it! He is enough. More than enough. He knows what you need and He's right there with you, just waiting for you to open up you heart and invite Him in.

Take a chance, today, my Sweet Friend. Let Love in. You'll never regret it. And, one day, you'll be able to encourage others to do the same.

I pray you are blessed by this sweet video that JJ Heller made with her 4 year-old daughter, Lucy.(If you are unable to view it, click here to go to JJ's site.)

I absolutely adore JJ's voice and songs. She has ministered to me through some of the most darkest months (ok, YEARS!) I've downloaded all of her albums and listen to them while I'm driving, preparing meals, getting ready for the day, cleaning, exercising...well, pretty much all.the.time. (Grin.)

Geoff and I were blessed to be able to see JJ and her husband in concert last Summer, along my other favorite, Audrey Assaud.

I bought JJ's latest CD, LOVED, when it was first released - but honestly, this song didn't really stand out to me until I saw this precious video. Every single word resonates deeply within my spirit. I pray you are touched as well.

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Wherever you are, and whatever life situations you are dealing with, I pray you know how deeply YOU are loved by the One who created you. Keep pressing into Him, and KEEP LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

With joy and love,

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Sarah said...

Amy Joy,

Such a joy to come back and splash a bit. This truly is one blessed life. Delighted to be on the journey with you.

Be blessed bunches,