Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 "In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
He was in the beginning with God.
 "All things were made through him,
and without him was not any thing
made that was made.
In him was life,
and the life was the light of men.
The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness has not overcome it."
John 1:1-5 (ESV)

A powerful truth for all of us to hold onto. No matter how dark the night, no matter how dark the day, no matter how dark the season, no matter how dark the year - He is the light. He is our light. And darkness will never overcome Him.

Keep pressing into the LORD. He loves you. He is holding you in the palm of His hand.

Whatever burden you are carrying, trust and believe that He is carrying you.

You are not alone. You are loved.

God is good. All the time.

May we both experience His Word and His light in a new way today.

For it is in Him, and through Him, and with Him that we are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Still believing,

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Girly Girl Mommy said...

Amy Jo-
Your post came up on my feed at the EXACT moment I needed to be reminded of these truths.
Thank you for sharing, for your example, and for the way you always minister to others, even in your dark moments.
Your radiate His light.

May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!