Monday, February 1, 2010

He knows our limits

"When the king sent the people out of Egypt,
God did not lead them on the road
through the Philistine country,
though that was the shortest way.
God said, 'If they have to fight,
they might change their minds and go back to Egypt.'
So God led them through the desert
toward the Red Seas. The Israelites were
dressed for fighting when they left the land of Egypt."
Exodus 13:17-18 (CEV)

I'm a month into my Grace for the Moment Daily Bible, and I'm really loving it. I tend to need a dose of Old Testament, Proverbs, Psalms and New Testament, as well as the tear-jerking excerpts from Max Lucado's writings.

This morning I read the above verses from Exodus and received them in a fresh way.

God knows exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.

Sometimes, God calls us fight. The Israelites were dressed for fight, and up until this point, God had wowed them beyond belief with His amazing display of power and miracles. It seems like their faith in God would have been strong enough to prevent them from returning to Egypt and to their old lives of bondage.

But God knew better. He knew their limits. He knew their weakness. He knew when to push them just a bit farther to allow them to both grow and trust Him more. And, He knew when to back off and allow their faith to catch up. Even if it meant taking the longer route.

The next chapter of Exodus is the mind-blowing story of God parting the Red Sea and destroying every single one of the Israelites enemies. It doesn't get much better than that.

This morning, Geoff and I woke up feeling a bit down. We weren't quite sure why, until we acknowledged that if our timeline had worked out, we would have just finished our first day with our new son. It didn't happen.

God took us the longer route. We're still on track and fully believe that our journey will be successful, but God knew that the best place for us right now is on the shores of our own Red Sea. He knows that in this place, with the sand between our toes, all we can do is trust Him to deliver us. And He will. In His timing and His way. It may not be the way we imagined it to be, but I trust that it will be even better.

God's ways are perfect every time.

This morning, I logged onto my laptop to find not one, but two emails with updated photos of Mesfin. Our sweet boy.

Sadly, it was a permanent front tooth that he lost playing soccer. And, his left eye seems to be infected. But, thankfully his care center has a nurse on staff and will give him the care he needs, until we can take over. Oh, I can't wait.

Until then, my son is under God's watchful eyes and loving care. He knows Mesfin's needs and I fully trust Him, and His timing.

Friend, whether God is calling you to fight or whether He is calling you to rest, I encourage you to trust His leading. He won't steer you wrong. He has good things, very good things, in store for both of us.

God is good, all the time, and in Him, I am LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Thankful for His timing,


Christy. said...

Oh how I pray you can get to your boy soon! We are still waiting for our referral and I really needed to read your post today!!

I know an amazing pediatric dentist here in my town that is praying about adopting... If Mesfin needs an amazing dentist that loves the Lord and loves orphans, he's your guy!!

God can move mountains!!

Kat said...

Praying he comes home soon!

Ellie said...

hang in there kiddo :) I am reading the one year bible and so I read the same scriptures today - they struck me also (I didn't enjoy thinking about that really). Yep, God's timing is for our best, just wishin' it was more fun LOL! I'm so thankful for his perfect ways, as I know you are too . . .

Hugs :)

We Are Family said...

Through our process of adopting our 2 precious ones from Ethiopia (waiting over a year now) The Lord has brought these same passages my way....Causing me to see them in a fresh, new way. Thanks for posting this.....confirmation in my heart!