Thursday, February 4, 2010

brotherly love

"Finally, all of you should be of one mind.
Sympathize with each other.
Love each other as brothers and sisters.
Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude."
1 Peter 3:8 (NLT)

When you first meet Liam, his excessive energy and enthusiasm for light sabres and weaponry may cause you to assume that he's a boy full of mischief. And honestly, sometimes I get so distracted by his constant need to move and talk that I forget to look a little deeper myself.

That is, until he totally derails me with his tender heart and loving spirit. This morning, my young Liam, humbled me to tears through his sensitivity towards his little sister.

Sara's day started off with three time-outs within the first half-hour of her waking. After I had dealt with her misbehavior, I sat down to enjoy my morning coffee. A few minutes later, I heard Liam ask Sara why she looked so sad. She sat down on the stairs and started to cry. Silently.

You don't even have to know Sara personally to feel the arrow pierce your heart, do you? Watching a four-year-old cry without sound is sad enough to break any one's heart.

Liam immediately jumped to action and ran up the stairs to his little sister. He put his arms around her neck, gave her a very gentle hug and began speaking to her in soothing tones. He immediately knew that Sara was upset about our upcoming trip out of the country.

I joined them on the steps and held Sara in my arms. We talked for a bit, but before long, she was back in the loving arms of her big brother. While Sara typically prefers to be with her Mama when she's upset, this morning she needed someone who understood how sad she felt. Someone who had, just a few days before, struggled with the very same emotions. Her big brother knew exactly the kind of love and support she needed.

I quietly retreated to the next room and listened in awe as my own tears began to silently fall. What I heard blessed me beyond belief. Liam asking Sara if he could pray with her. And he did.

"Dear Jesus, I know that Sara's heart is hurting right now. Please comfort her. Help her to know your peace and your love..."

By the time he finished his precious prayer, the Lord was already responding to his words. As well as prayers that I hadn't even begun to voice myself. The scene I witnessed ministered deep within my own heart. This new season we are entering into is one full of blessings, and yet even positive changes bring their own amount of stress and strain. As I watched Liam loving on his little sister, I felt God lift off some of the burdens I hadn't even realized I was carrying.

He also gave me some precious insight into being a godly mother. Sure, I could give you a long list of all the way Liam challenges me on a daily basis. I could choose to see only his weaknesses and point out all of his faults. Sadly, on some days I do.

Today, however, God gave me eyes to see Liam's biggest strength - his heart of compassion and love for others.

Liam has a heart of gold. He's fiercely devoted to protecting both of his sisters and physically feels their pain when they are hurt or sad. He spent the last several days sleeping in Mesfin's bed to "fill it up with love" before his new brother comes home.

Liam makes friends with babies, kids and adults alike. And, unlike most boys his age, he really enjoys talking to people and making a heart connection. Especially when he sees someone who is struggling or in need of a friend.

Today, I am one proud Mama. Not because I feel like I had anything to do with the special boy my son is - because some days my own example is less than stellar. Nor is it because I think he's better than any other child - because I fully believe that in God's eyes we are all created equal.

I'm proud to be able to call this red-haired-dark-brown-eyed-man-child my son, because in him I see the light of His Creator shining brightly. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the goodness I see flow out of him and sense that God has given me a small window into His own amazing character. I feel proud to be loved by a God that is so good and so very personal as to allow me to experience just a small taste of His awesomeness in such a tangible, real-life way. And, I'm humbled.

Friend, if today is bringing you nothing but stress and struggles, I pray that God would send someone your way who would allow you to taste and see that the Lord is good. I know sometimes it's easier to get focused on all that's wrong and fail to see some of the simple ways God is trying to communicate with us.

My prayer today is that God would open our eyes, our ears and our hearts to His amazing love for each one of us. For it is in Him, through Him and for Him that we are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Thankful for His love through others,


Kat said...


KT said...

Oh, Man! Love those moments that our Father lets us be a part of! How cool to get to see your son being who God has made him to be. LOVE that story!

Jman's momma said...

Appreciate your humility in this but I praise God for the example you are setting for your children. I praise God for Liam's tender and compassionate heart. And I PRAISE HIM that another will soon join in all the love that is found in this home!!!


mommy24treasures said...

Its so wonderful when the Lord opens our eyes for us to see His work on their little hearts. thank you for sharing, we sometimes have the same issues here with our son.

jeanette said...

oh goodness...I'm all teary-eyed at this very precious post. praising God you have a son with such a tender go along with all the boy toys of swords and such. :)