Tuesday, February 10, 2009

less than 10 minutes

My sweet friend, Joy, just posted a powerful video clip on her blog. Grab your tissues (Liam and needed them) and go visit her blog.

Geoff and I have prayed together that God would break our hearts for the things that break His heart. God has answered powerfully as He allows us to look beyond the comfort of our home, bank accounts and belongings.

We have a long way go; a lot of flesh to battle with. The process isn't easy or fun, but there is truly something miraculous that is taking place within our hearts (and minds) as we allow Him to redirect our paths and align our wills to His.

The needs are absolutely overwhelming. But the good news, is that every smile, every prayer, every hug, every dollar, every blog post raising awareness, DOES make a difference. I long to give my all to Christ, like Katie is doing in Uganda and like Tom is doing worldwide.

Right now, I'm extremely blessed to be giving my all to the three precious children God has blessed us with in our home. I'm so thankful that we are more than able to adequately meet their needs. I'm excited to find ways to share our blessings with those who live in constant want for even the most basic of needs (food, clothing, clean water and love.)

Geoff and I are still talking and praying about ways we can respond to God's command to care for the widows, orphans and foreigners in tangible ways. We have made room in our home for at least one more child and cannot wait until the day we will be able to bring our new son into our home. :-)

When I was talking with our neighbor across the street about adopting another child, he shared honestly that he didn't know how we do it. He said that it wasn't something he could do. I replied that we're all called to do different things and that our family has been incredibly blessed through Sara's life.

But, no, the blessings have not come easily. On our own, parenting one child, let alone 4 is challenging. And yet, God continues to equip us each and every step of the way (when we allow Him to, at least!) Sometimes I get stuck in that independent mode and find myself really struggling. Go figure! ;-)

I understand where my neighbor is coming from. Not all of us are called to adopt, but we are all called to care for those in need around us. Their family has blessed us through their friendships with our children. By treating them with kindness. Sharing a snack here or there. Taking the time to talk to our kids. Inviting them over to play. They've blessed our family and have helped to bring healing to our youngest one's heart. It's amazing how simple acts of goodness can multiply and bring about even more blessings. So, maybe they aren't called to adopt a child, but they are making a difference in God's Kingdom. And for that, I am ever so thankful.

So, Friend, how is God working in your life right now? What are those things that He is impressing upon your heart? I would love to hear from you. :-)

Praying that you are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!