Wednesday, November 4, 2009

staying aware

"After seeing this poverty, I told my wife,
'If I ever complain, kick me twice. Hard.'"
Max Lucado (following his trip to Ethiopia)

Have you ever checked into a hotel and found that your room left more to be desired? Maybe the decor wasn't your style, or housekeeping didn't do a very good job at cleaning it for your stay? Have you ever gone camping and felt disappointed because your site didn't have a view of the lake? Or maybe there were too many roots and rocks where you wanted to put your tent.

Personally, I've been in both of those situations. After watching the video below of a beautiful Ethiopian widow, and hearing her story, I realized again that I desperately need to change my current perspective.

It's easy for me to stay in my comfortable and well-pampered world, knowing that there are many people who live in far greater luxury than I.
But the reality is that far more people live in complete poverty; and in comparison, I am living a life of luxury. (Even if I don't have my own chef or Town Car.)

My family enjoys being able to sponsor children through World Vision and Philip Hayden Foundation. My kids love hearing how their sisters and brother are doing half-way across the world. They are faithful to remember each of them during their nightly prayers.

Some may say, "We do also. Isn't that enough?" Yes and no. It really depends on what God is calling each of us to do.

For me, today, I'm not feeling the ache of true sacrifice. For me, I know my family can do more. I can do more.
God continues to pour out financial blessings upon us and I don't want to be the end point of those blessings. I want to stop thinking about my wants and realize that today I have far too much stuff to manage.

And so, I log onto my computer and seek out new opportunities. I pray for God to continue to grow my heart and stretch me out of my comfort zone. I long to stay aware of the great needs around me. Both in my own community and also world-wide.

It's videos like the one below of Max and Denalyn Lucado in Ethiopia that remind me of what the true reality is. It helps me to stop complaining about my current life and inspires me to be thankful for all God has given me and seek out ways to share those resources with others.

I admit that on some days, I really get it. On others days, however, I'd much rather bury my head in my excess and pretend like poverty doesn't exist. It's hard to see poverty, but I imagine, it's much harder to live. Especially on a daily basis.

Oh, Father, please give me Your eyes and Your heart. Thank You for Your faithful provision for my family. Please forgive me for my own selfishness. Help me to stay aware of reality and guide me in making a true difference in the lives around me. May my heart and my life glorify You. Daily. In the name of Your Holy Son, Jesus, Amen.

I am LIVING A BLESSED LIFE and I am humbled by the joy I see in those whose lives are blessed through their poverty.

With grace and hope,


TanyaLea said...

This post reminds me of Brandon Heath's "Don't Get Comfortable" cd and his song 'Give Me Your Eyes' this song and it carries such a profound message, as does your post today. I could relate in every way to what you wrote. I'm guilty for the same things, yet I don't want to be the end recipient of our increases and blessings. The Lord has been moving in big ways in my heart since we began our adoption process, and I know He's only just begun! Like you, I want to do so much more. There is a world of hurt out there, and we are so spoiled here in America. It's okay to be blessed and enjoy our blessings...but we need to make sure that we continue to plant seeds and listen to what God would have us do next and stay focused on the path He has lit before us!

Keep up the great posts. I am so blessed everytime I stop by!! <><


Football & Fried Rice said...

I am praying toady, as well, that The Lord gives me HIS EYES! HIS HEART. My eyes have been opened, but I find myself craving the comfort. Yes, i do NOT want my reward here!!!!!!! I want my reward in HEAVEN.

Keri said...

I watched the Max Lucado video and it is so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.