Saturday, November 7, 2009

reach out a hand

"Filled with compassion,
Jesus reached out his hand
and touched the man."
Mark 1:41a (NIV)

This evening, I sent out an email to a small group of close friends and mentors asking for their prayer support. Just as I hit "send," one of those friends called me from her cell phone. She had a few minutes to talk and was calling to ask me for prayer support.

At exactly the same time, we both reached out a hand asking for support. And when we both heard each other's need, we responded by reaching out a hand offering support.

A short time later, I logged onto my email account to find a couple of responses to my email. As I began to read my friends' sweet words, I was immediately moved to tears. Through the beautiful people God has placed in my life, He is showering me with His love and faithfulness. There's nothing sweeter.

Earlier this week, my boy, Liam, had a couple of days where he would cry at the drop of the hat. We weren't quite sure what was going on. On the second night, as he was getting ready for bed, he completely fell apart and was inconsolable.

Truthfully, I was really tired and his tears were really hard to hear. He sounded like a wounded little lamb and it just broke my heart. It had been a long day and the cause of his tears didn't seem like a big deal. At the same time, I could tell that he was really hurting. And, honestly, as worn out as I was, I wasn't sure that I had it in me to give him what he needed.

I almost missed the moment, but thankfully, God was able to thump me over the head and get my attention. God wasn't calling me to fix Liam's problems. Only He is truly capable of doing that. He was, however, calling me to be present with my precious son and offer him my love and attention.

I took Liam into our office, sat down on the floor and reached my hand out to him. As I took him in my arms, he began to sob. He cried and wailed for a full hour. He had been holding in a lot of sadness and thought that he should keep it to himself for awhile. :-(

He's a sensitive boy and feels deeply for others. His heart had been wounded in different ways and he thought he needed to be strong about it.

After he cried, we talked and prayed. And finally, we laughed. I was even more wiped out; and of course, he was wide awake. It was after midnight by the time I finally got him to sleep. I'm so glad I didn't miss that moment. In the future, I'll be more aware of how my sweet boy carries his emotions.

Life can be so hard at times. Thankfully, God never calls us to walk through the valleys alone. He's given us family, friends and mentors to walk along side us, to listen to us share our struggles and bring our burdens before the Lord in prayer. It's important that we don't try to do life alone. It's also important that we don't try to carry other's burdens for them.

I'm so thankful for the people God has placed in my life. They've loved me (and my family) through some incredibly difficult times. I'm so grateful that in turn, they have allowed me to love and support them through their struggles.

Friend, please don't do life alone. If you're hurting, please don't be afraid to reach out a hand to others for support. And, of course, keep your eyes open for the people God has placed in your life who could use a hand reaching out to them as well. Life is so much richer when we do life together.

God loves you, and He is faithful. May He shower you abundantly with His goodness and grace.

Keep pressing into Him and keep LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Thankful for His hand,


TanyaLea said...

I am SO thankful for YOU!! I have thoroughly enjoyed following your blog and everytime I read one of your posts lately, I am touched and blessed. I know that God has brought you into my life for 'such a time as this' ...each time I read, there is a message in your post that speaks directly to an area of my life where I need it. Thank you for your faithfulness you write. You truly have a gift and I can see you writing a devotional one day!!

Blessings and Hugs,

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Funny. Sometimes on my worst days, the Lord will send someone to me who needs prayer. I never cease to be amazed that in lifting them up in prayer, I am also uplifted.

strandfam said...

love you! Thank you for always reaching out your hand, your heart and your life. You are a blessing to me!

Deborah Ann said...

What a beautiful blog! I see Jesus is here so I signed up.

You're invited to join me -

for some laughs and 'God' times...