Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hoops of Hope

"I spent the day with Austin and his family
and found them inspiring.
The first thing I thought as I drove to the airport was:
What was I doing when I was twelve?
And then, of course, the next thought:
What, exactly, am I doing now?"
John Larsen, Former NBC National Correspondent

So, Blogger ate my post when I tried to spell check it and now it's gone. Sigh.
Worse than that, after a two week break, the "piggie flu" decided to make an unwelcome appearance at my house again. This time, it's Liam's turn. Oh, I can't stand to watch my kids be miserable and sick. Sigh.

Instead of trying to remember my previous post, I thought I would focus on something positive and introduce you to Austin Gutwein. I first "met" Austin, Friday night when he shared his amazing story at the Revolve Tour.

(Chelsea and I joined our friends and 7,000 other exuberant pre-teen/teen girls at this powerful youth event. Um, can you say LOUD?!? Whew. Those girls can really hit the high notes with their screams!)

Seriously, it was a really great weekend and the highlight was definitely learning about Hoops of Hope and the incredible work they are doing in Africa.

God is using this generation we are currently raising up in powerful ways. I was reminded this weekend how very important it is that we don't look down upon today's youth because of their age or "lack of experience." Age is insignificant to God when it comes to fulfilling His will. Just as He did in Biblical times, He can and will use the young and old alike.

It doesn't matter how young a person is, we can all make a difference. And, as adults, we can learn from those younger than ourselves and follow their lead.

Austin's book, Take Your Best Shot: Do Something Bigger Than Yourself, would make a great gift for teens and adults alike. (Shhh, don't tell my daughter, but she'll be finding her own copy wrapped and hanging in her stocking come December 25th.)

On that note, I'll stop writing and let you follow some of the links I've posted above so you can meet Austin and learn about his mission work yourself.

I pray you are having a blessed week and staying healthy, my Friend. Keep pressing into the Lord and enjoy LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

With JOY,

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Blog Owner said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, Amy. I think it's a great gift idea for my older kiddos. Incredible what this boy has done! What a great example he is setting, even for me.
PS: We got a court date!