Thursday, September 3, 2009


"But they are your people and your special possession,
whom you brought out of Egypt by your
great strength and powerful arm."
Deuteronomy 9:29 (NLT)

My beautiful Chinese daughter started reading at the young age of three. Now that she's four, she's reading picture books on her own. I stand amazed.

God has brought great healing to my sweet girl's body, brain and heart. She's still healing and growing, but has come so very far.

I can't tell you how many times throughout my week that I still catch my breath when I look at Sara KangXia.

This little girl in my daughter! God took a one-day-old abandoned infant, born with a cleft-lip, cleft-palate and two holes in her heart, and brought her half-way across the world to be a part of my cherished family. I am so blessed by this little girl.

She makes me laugh. She drives me crazy. She forgives me for my impatience. She pushes my buttons. She brings tears to my eyes when she whispers words of love.

She challenges every boundary. She notices the little things in life. She frustrates her siblings. She tries hard to follow the rules. She takes our things and hides them in the couch. (Seriously.)

She is so full of life and joy. She gives me life and joy. She is my daughter, and, oh, how I cherish her!

Thank you, Jesus, for entrusting this precious child to me. Please continue to heal her and grow me.

Oh, my Friend, is God calling you to do something totally crazy? Say, "YES!" You will never be the same. Don't let fear talk you out of it. God has an amazing journey mapped out for you!

Through God's miracle of adoption, I am LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

With JOY!


Anne L.B. said...

Love it love it love it!

Do I remember you mentioning her reading the Bible? (Not sure if that was you or another blog.) I'm convinced that God divinely empowers reading when it's of His Word.

Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought said...

She sounds so much like me. :D

I love that we have a God of strength!
~ Wendy

Sarah Dawn said...

Amy, I just love it! As we continue our adoption process to Ethiopia, I am always blessed by God's faithfulness and goodness here.

I am living a blessed life along with you!

Sarah Dawn

Searching for God in the everyday said...

What a huge blessing for your family and inspiration for all who see! I am praising God that He allowed a situation in our lives this week that has unearthed my husband's heart a little in regards to adoption. Thank you for continuing to share your wonderful story.
Cory =)

ellie said...


I have a little girl just like yours! I totally get what you are saying and we also are in love with a little girl who drives us crazy ;) What a blessing they are.

How amazing that Sara starting reading at age 3! Did you teach her??

big hugs :)

xo ellie

Jennifer said...

Praise the Lord for His blessings, miracles, and joys of life!!!

Elizabeth Bussey said...

My China doll has always loved books too. Her favorite gift, even on her first birthday. Now she is in high school.