Wednesday, September 2, 2009

more new life

"You created all of them by your Spirit,
and you give new life to the earth."
Psalm 103:40 (CEV)

After rejoicing in the miracle of Chelsea's baby sunflower (see my previous post), I noticed yet another miracle in my garden—Liam's squash.

You see, when we bought the plants for our garden, the woman who sold them to us offered us a 'runt' for free. A very sad looking squash plant that couldn't hold it's head up. I love underdogs! (Under-plants?) And besides, who can turn away a free gift?

So, we brought the little guy home and used two pencils to prop it up. Over time, it started to grow stronger, but after our hot spell earlier this month, it started to wilt again.

This little plant reminds me an awful lot of myself. I started out incredibly wilted and in need of God's love and care. After a season of intense healing, I felt like a new person.

And then came the season of scorching heat. The fires didn't destroy me. Rather, God used them to make me stronger and bring new life.

God's ways are so beyond mine. I'm so thankful that He is my Gardener, and that He is both patient and gentle with me—regardless of my condition.

"As long as I live, I will sing and praise you, the LORD God.
I hope my thoughts will please you,
because you are the one who makes me glad."
Psalm 104:33—34(CEV)

Oh, Sweet Friend, if you are feeling worn out and discouraged by the season you find yourself in, please don't give up hope. Remember that God is the Lifter of Heads.

He delights in you! He loves you. You are His beloved. Keep pressing into Him, for it is there that you will find all that you need—and so much more.

God's mercy, grace and love enable me to continue LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Thankful & rejoicing,


Andrea said...

He is indeed the lifter of heads. Praise God! Blessings to you Amy!

Searching for God in the everyday said...

I love this analogy! And how true. I am thankful that He is my Gardener, too! I enjoy how you see God in all things.
Cory =)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing these words Amy. I SO need to hear them!

Sarah Dawn said...

I love learning from His garden. Thanks for splashing me today in His goodness!

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Anne L.B. said...

Your words are blessing me immensely.

The fires didn't destroy me. Rather, God used them to make me stronger and bring new life.