Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a soyb kind of day

"You will be accepted if you do what is right.
But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out!
Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you.
But you must subdue it and be its master.”
Genesis 4:7 (NLT)

Yet another one of those days in the Ivey household. Too much too do. Too little time. Or so it seems.

Before the day got started, a shower seemed like a good idea. I even turned on a new teaching message on CD that came in the mail yesterday. I half listened and half prayed for the day before me.

And then came the loud, incessant knocking. Not a good sign. You see, in our home, I have a firm rule, unless someone is bleeding or can't breath, there should be NO knocking on the bathroom door.

The knocks repeated, this time louder. Something must be seriously wrong. Right?

Off went the shower, open when the door. "What happened?!?"

Blood? Nope. Breathing? Not for long. (Kidding.)

Seriously, the cause behind the knocks started with an older sibling teasing and the younger one feeling hurt—and knocking on my 'door of sanity.' Sigh.

Up went the blood pressure, close went the door, on went the shower. Gone was the focus. My sweet peace disappeared like the water down the drain.

Prayer? Yes. Now's a good time to pray. Don't react. Stop, pray and then respond.

"Oh, Lord, please give me direction here. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed with all I have to do today. Now is not the time to lose it. I need You. Please give me direction."

And then it hit me. "SOYB." Off went the, open when the door.

"Go sit on your beds." In that moment, and for the next thirty minutes or so, peace reigned again within the Ivey Household. It was truly a beautiful thing.

We're all sinners. We all have bad days. We say things we regret. We do things we regret.

Sin was literally crouching at my door today, and at my children's doors.

Our day has been far from perfect. I wish I could say that we spent the day in complete bliss. Not so. But, I did learn a critical lesson from the Lord.

Sin must be mastered. All it takes is one door being opened and we are all consumed by it.

One person gets offended, they in turn mistreat a sibling, I overhear and get upset. On and on we go until not an ounce of peace remains.

And then God whispered "SOYB" and I found a way to master sin. Or at least begin to subdue it.

This afternoon, in fact, I spoke those same words to myself. "Go sit on your bed. The work will wait, but if you don't go now, you will have more to deal with then preparing lesson plans and schedules. "

What kind of day have you had, my Friend? Oh, how I hope that if you spent any time on your bed it was reading a good book or taking a much needed rest! If not, no worries, tomorrow is a new day. Thankfully. :-)

LIVING A BLESSED LIFE—because Love never fails.

Thankful for His grace,

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Anne L.B. said...

Oh Amy! THIS is something I can definitely use.

The kids were fighting yesterday and I gave them a choice between time out (with noses in the corner), or go push each other on the tire swing. Just as they were swinging with seeming happiness, and I was congratulating myself on my wisdom and creativity, a bigger fight erupted!

SOYB is probably going to get worn out around here, and I'll apply it to myself first! THANK YOU!