Friday, August 21, 2009

can I tell you a secret?

"But the Lord your God refused to listen (to Balaam.)
He turned the intended curse into a blessing
because the Lord your God loves you."

"You are a good person." (Stop reading. Focus. Go ahead, soak it in.)

"You are the best." (Yes. YOU.)

"I love you." (Please don't reject it. Receive it. Allow the words to seep into every area of your heart and fill you with joy and peace. YOU are loved.)

I've shared many times over how incredibly blessed my life has been through my Chinese daughter.

The trials I have persevered through with Sara have brought an added sweetness to the bond we share.

Over the past several months, my Sweet Girl has found a new way to shower her love upon me.

Countless times throughout the day (every day), she will walk up to me and ask, "Can I tell you a secret?"

I'll bend down, she'll reach up on tippy-toes and gently move my hair away from my ear. With the sweetest little voice I have ever heard, she'll whisper, "You are my best Mommy."

A little while later, we repeat the same routine. This time I hear, "You are a good Mom."

And then, finally, the words that seal our cherished relationship "I love you."

My spirit echos the words of the Psalmist, "The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3 (NIV)

If you're like me, your mind has been distracted since you first started reading. It's trying to debate the undeniable truth that you are good and that God loves you. That the people in your life love you.

When I hear the words, too often, I push them away as quickly as possible, in whatever way possible. I start to panic and hold up my safety shield—an endless list of all of the sins I've committed over the years.

I feel the need to refute the words spoken over me. "No. I'm unworthy. See my sins? See my guilt? I'm not good. I'm not the best. I don't deserve those words."

"As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust. " Psalm 103:13,14 (NIV)

True, I am unworthy. I have committed numerous sins. I have been found guilty. And, truly, I don't deserve God's love—or even Sara's. And yet, they still love me.

That's the amazing thing about the gift God gave me through His only Son, Jesus. A gift that I could never earn or deserve. A gift that turns my sin from scarlet red to pure white. A gift that promises me eternal life.

Isn't He amazing?!?

Whenever I hear one of Sara's precious secrets, I feel God's love pouring into my heart and bringing a new level of healing and restoration.

You see, Sara knows—just like I do—that it's hard to trust and love after you've been rejected and abandoned. There isn't anything in this universe that can take away the deep wound that results.

The only thing that can heal our wounds is God's love. The only thing we can do is let it in.

And so, my Friend, can we both try again? I'll repeat the words I spoke over you at the beginning and you surrender your list of reasons why you are unworthy.

Together, we'll allow God's love and mercy to wash over us and fill us with a peace that truly passes all understanding.




I know most secrets aren't supposed to be shared. I asked my Sweet Sara, however, and she told me that I could share her priceless secret with YOU.

We are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE! In Him, through Him and because of Him.

To God be the glory,
Amy Jo & Sara KangXia


Andrea said...

amazing...thank you!

Guard Wife said...

How precious. She is such a sweet girl. :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing Sara's secret. It made my day!