Friday, August 28, 2009

building holy temples

"So take this seriously.
The LORD has chosen you to build a Temple as his sanctuary.
Be strong, and do the work.”
1 Chronicles 28:10

This past week I've been preparing curriculum and lesson plans for my family's upcoming school year. It's a bit overwhelming at times—especially when my kiddos aren't getting along—but I have to say I thoroughly enjoy the work. We are all very excited to start our sixth year of homeschooling.

For myself, the 'Temple' the LORD has chosen me to build in this life is my children. Being responsible for my children's education oftentimes feels incredibly overwhelming. In fact, on most days, it stretches me in ways I never dreamed possible.

We have yet to have a 'perfect' day as far as routine and structure go, but we're learning. Every year gets better. (And no, I'm not the most organized or patient person. I admit that on most days, I make lots of messes and mistakes.)

The one thing that keeps me going is God and His incredible patience, continual guidance and unending love. Seriously. On my own, 'this' would be completely impossible.

It's funny, because I've had several of my friends tell me how impressed they are that I homeschool. I always have to laugh and tell them how truly impressed I am with them. Just because a child leaves the home for school, does not mean that the mom's job requires any less time or effort.

In fact, on any given day, their schedules are far more packed them mine. I stand humbled by the amazing support they give their children in both their education and extracurricular activities. The few years our family experienced within the public school system was exhausting!

God has given each of us work to do and a 'Temple' to build that we might glorify Him.

For me, during this season of my life, it's caring for my husband, teaching our children and caring for our home. It's a job that fits me quite well and brings me great joy (and countless challenges!)

I admit that once-upon-a-time, I fell prey to judgement and comparison. Thankfully, God has since given me the ability to see the beauty and uniqueness that He has gifted each of us with.

I love that although our 'Temples' may have similarities, they are all very different in their own way. It makes for much more original gifts to our Creator, don't you think?

Friend, whatever work the Lord has given you for this season of your life, I pray that you are thoroughly enjoying it.

If not, it may be that God is preparing you for future work He has planned for you. I know it can be difficult to persevere, but trust that God loves you and desires for you to enjoy a full and abundant life!

If you've lost your focus or motivation, I pray that His Spirit would bring back to life the dreams God once put in your heart.

May He give you fresh vision and ideas. When the work seems overwhelming, I pray that He would be your strength and guide you. May He give you creative ideas on how to push through any apparent road blocks or struggles.

I pray that you would experience His favor and know how very pleased He is by your efforts and heart in serving Him. (Remember, however, that it's impossible to earn God's love. His love is a free gift expressed through His Son, Jesus.)

The work God has given us to do is so very important. The jobs of this world, thankfully, will one day fall away. The Temple building, however, that will endure for all of eternity.

In Him, through Him and for Him, we are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

To God be the glory,


Anne L.B. said...

I admit that once-upon-a-time, I fell prey to judgement and comparison. Thankfully, God has since given me the ability to see the beauty and uniqueness that He has gifted each of us with.

This hits a sensitive chord with me, because I'm still working to repair relationships I damaged during that season of my life. I do see people differently now. And though I may not live it out perfectly, I do understand that love means accepting the person exactly as they are. Only if I build love-based relationships do I have hope to influence others.

Becky Ryder said...

I glad to know I have many moms who understand the frustrations of homeschooling (not to say non-homeschooling mom's don't know). I wake up in the morning ready to go and then Satan many times causes roadblocks that make the day horrible.

As I go to pray more, I too find God speaking to me about new ways to explain something or just leave the room and pray. I do know that my kids have moments of "I'm not going to do this today unless I get in trouble" but thankfully I have a Father who helps.

Love is the most important. Sometimes its hard to come by on bad days:( but we're all learning and growing. Have a blessed new school year!

Jennifer said...

Just the other day I was reading a devotional that was talking about how God had allowed hardships in to the lives of the Israelites because they had gotten distracted and were not focused on the job that God had given them. To rebuild the temple.

That and what you've written here were such good reminders to me that I need to stay focused on the task that God has given me for right now, and that even things like my sadness and frustration can cause me to become very distracted.