Friday, July 24, 2009

she loves me

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind of blessings. Not being able to spare 15 minutes to post has been driving me crazy...this girl's gotta write! :-)

Last night was our kids' final day at VBS. Before we even left home, they were grieving that camp was almost over. They had such a great time connecting with other kids their ages, learning new sports, and, most importantly, deepening their relationship with the Lord.

I have to admit, after 4 incredible date nights, Geoff and I were grieving a bit ourselves, too! However, when the coaches asked us to arrive 30 minutes early so that our children could share with us some of what they learned over the week, we were more than happy to comply. :-)

Liam really enjoyed learning to play soccer...which is a good thing, because it happens to be his new brother's favorite activity. When he scored on "the best" goalie, she asked him how he did it. Liam replied, "I must have Ethiopian blood in me!" He cracks us up. Thankfully, he explained to the confused goalie that he has a brother waiting for him in Africa. :-)

Chelsea's team performed several cheers for us. Being that she's a dancer, she had a GREAT time! I love that God has given her the self-confidence to perform in front of others with a beautiful smile on her face. She was definitely in her element.

And Sara. Oh, Sara. What can I say? She was the biggest surprise of all. As I've shared before, Sara came home to us in need of some deep, deep healing. Our journey with our youngest has been far from easy. However, it has been full of incredible blessings!

Sara is still learning to trust that when her dad or I go away, we will come back. She typically does well when we are away, but usually requires several days to recover from the emotions that surface. I honestly wasn't sure if Sara would make it past the first night without us.

Thankfully, Sara's coach was also her favorite Sunday school teacher. (Previously, her older siblings' preschool teacher.) Sara adores "Teacher/Coach Patty." (And so do we!)

When Sara's team took center stage, her eyes quickly scanned the audience to find us. When she spotted me, she started blowing me kisses with all her might. She smiled and waved and held up her little hand to sign "I love you." Oh my. It was very, very sweet.

Geoff was busy capturing the show on camera (I'll try to post the pics and/or video soon) and I happened to be seated between two other multi-racial families. Both dads on either side of me saw Sara's enthusiasm and said, "Wow. She really loves you!"

In that moment, I realized how great my God is and how incredible His love is for each of us. He has brought our family so far over these past few years. I feel so humbled by all that He has done in and through Sweet Sara's life.

She loves me! Not only that, she loves Him!

As if my heart wasn't already bursting with joy, Sara's team went on to sing and sign "He Knows My Name."

One tear fell, and then another, and another. I was all but sobbing in a matter of seconds. Thankfully Geoff noticed and started passing tissues over the head of the dad on my right.

And then, my sweet girl, knelt down for the second half of the song. She did so because Patty was and she was working really hard to honor her coach.

Sara was surrounded on both sides by other four and five year olds standing up tall while she was on her knees worshipping her Creator. Oh my. It was most certainly a sight to behold.

God is SO good. So full of love and mercy. So full of healing and grace.

I'm tearing up just remember the joy on Sara's face and the fact that God knows more than her name. He's seen each tear she has cried from the day she was born and left to be found in a cultural center in Tianjin, China.

He knows. He cares. For Sara. For me. And for you, my Friend.

His love is real. His love is free. His love can knows no bounds. His love can meet you right where you are and give you a new life.

He loves us and we are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Please pass the tissues...


HisFireFly said...

May I have one of those tissues now too please?

Oh what amazing love He pours out on us!

Becky Ryder said...


I wish at times I could just forget anyone was around me and worship God like children do. Only God can bring triumph from tragedy.

Oh and You have graduated to Soccer Mom!!

Anne L.B. said...

Oh Amy, how often I've wanted to drop to my knees during worship singing. (I already stretch people around me enough by being the only one with uplifted hands.)

What a precious sight. I imagine I'll remember it the next time I sing and weep through "He Knows My Name."

Thanks for sharing.

sara said...

As if I didn't already sob at "He Knows my Name". The very thought gives me goosebumps! Imagining your baby girl on her knees makes it even more real! Praise God for Sweet Sara!!!

Searching for God in the everyday said...

Amy that is so amazing! I praise God for your heart to love on that little girl and fold her into your family. Inspiring...

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Very, very heart-warming.

Thank you, Amy Jo, for sharing this tender moment.

Andrea said...

oh my goodness, I had a similar situation with my N at our VBS presentation. The joy and the song, and seeing him sin git with abandon...and knowing HIS blessing in it all. God is SO good!!!