Monday, June 15, 2009

what a weekend!

Friday started early. Chelsea had her 5th grade testing. She did GREAT and we are both thrilled to have that major milestone behind us. Bring on Summer!

After enjoying a nice lunch out, just the two of us, we made our way to Salem to finish off some adoption paperwork. Our official referral is supposed to come any day now. :-) Yay!

We met up with Geoff, Liam & Sara for the girls' dress rehearsal.

Sara practiced her dance to Stuart Little. We are so proud of her! The whole thing was a bit intimidating, but she seemed to have enjoyed herself.

Chelsea performed a very long tap dance to a song from Hairspray and a beautiful ballet dance to a song from Ella Enchanted. I can't believe she's been dancing for 8 years now. God has blessed her with an incredible gift, as well as self-confidence. Her smile just radiates during her performances.

The next day, Chelsea danced in two shows and Sara danced in the evening recital. Our good friends, the Ponds joined us for the evening show and ice cream afterwards.

Wow. What a full weekend! We are so proud of all three of our kids and how hard they have worked all year!

(I had to include a picture of Liam who supports his sisters during recital time, even though he's not really into dance!)

Praying your school year is finishing off well and that you'll be able to enjoy a nice summer break with your kiddos.

Ah, summertime. Need I say more? :-)



Andrea said...

The girls are beautiful!!! I'll bet they were amazing! ;o) Love Liam's red hair, he's gonna be a heartbreaker. Praying for a quick referral! Can't wait to hear the news!

Dawn said...

How awesome!!! Just beautiful!!!
Miss you! Hugs,

strandfam said...

Oh Amy, BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing! What special memories your girls will have! What a great brother Liam is to be there to support his sisters. So happy you are now able to enjoy summer! Have lots of fun.
love Sarah

HisFireFly said...

Thank you for sharing your life and pictures of moments that take your braeh away. Both girls are beautiful with smiles that shed light abroad.

Chantelle said...