Monday, June 8, 2009

weekend adventure

exploring Camp 18 after a yummy (BIG) breakfast

"Best Sisters Forever" (a sweet song Sara sings)
Liam already enjoying his birthday adventure

the Ivey 3 (soon to be Ivey 4)

didn't she used to be small?!?

hiding-go-seek (walkie-talkie-style)

in his own world of adventure

lookin' down on Daddy-O'

lookin' up at Daddy-O'

finally a pic of the man behind the camera (and his posse)

a cool perspective

sweet face

dandelions for Mommy

celebrating a winning day!

totally in his element

breathtaking view

gotta have a jeep

thankfully there was no water in her squirt gun!

beauty girl (playing army) ;-)

awesome view

our bikes were more worn out than we were!

in on the fun

what's an army game without a rose here or there?

happy s'mores girls

and then came the sticky s'mores birthday kisses

and lots and lots of giggles

and more sticky kisses (and giggles)

a very, very Happy (& tired) Birthday Boy!

And at the end of a very fun-filled, adventurous day, we all agreed that we are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Full of joy,


Andrea said...

Wow, what great pictures, and what fun it looks like ws had by all. ;o) Thank you for visiting my blog.

HisFireFly said...

Great pics. Thanks for taking us all along for the ride!

strandfam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU LIAM!!! Looks like you all had a WONDERFUL day together! LOVED the photos! What a BEAUTIFUL family God has blessed you with! YOU SHINE!!!
love you

CariJ said...

Fantastic pics! Also, too funny that we call my husband Daddy-O around our house, too!