Monday, June 29, 2009

say "Yes!"

Waiting for the dentist
Big sis and brother waiting also
Cute girl, too cute for words
She did a great job!
Our dentist told her that he loved her afterwards. :-)

Every day is Donut Day - bigger than Chels' face!
Soft foods for her new tooth! (Hey, our dentist said it was mandatory!)


Last week Sara had her first in-country, cleft-related repair. To date, we've made countless trips to our local children's hospital, but this is the first official "work" she's had done. She did SO great!

It turns out that one of her front teeth didn't receive enamel when she was growing in her Birth Momma's tummy. Just another part of her birth defect. Our dentist just put a filling on it. Not very comfortable for Sara, but she did awesome! We're so proud of her.

I share these little details because I know that many people feel intimidated by special needs. We used to.

If you are considering adoption, requesting a healthy child may feel like a big enough challenge. I know it did for us when we first started the process several years ago.

Along the way, however, the Lord started speaking to our heart. We knew the process would be stretching, but we also trusted God to provide everything we needed. And He has!

Granted, not all special needs are as "easy" as ours have been. Our challenge has actually been helping Sara's heart and brain heal.

Some of my friends have adopted cleft-affected children and walked through the surgeries with their children once they were home. It hasn't been easy.

One of my friends takes her daughter to speech therapy twice a week. But she's making it work for her family. In fact, she recently brought home a cleft-affected son and is starting the process all over. Beautiful, eh? :-)

There are over 147 million orphans world-wide. I repeat this statistic over and over. It's so important that we don't forget. When we search the Scriptures, widows and orphans are clearly near to our Father's heart. Therefore, I want them to stay close to my heart.

Whether we are called to adopt or not, we can make the difference in life of a child (or more!) It's more than worth it to invest our our time, our love and our resources into the life of another.

When we do something for another human being, we are blessed beyond measure. It changes our lives. It changes our hearts. And hopefully, it encourages others to search their hearts and decide how and where they can invest themselves.

I know that some people look at the decision we have made as a family and think we are crazy. We are! We are crazy in love with the God of this Universe and are humbled and blessed to be able to say "YES!" to these incredible adventures He is calling us on.

If you feel God's whisper in your heart calling you to do something radical for Him, I urge you to say "YES!" to Him!

I know it's scary. I know the road may not be easy. But I also know that it will be worth everything you put into it. You will be blessed beyond belief. God will use the adventure to grow you even more into the amazing person He created you to be. You CAN do it, my Friend!


With joy,


Oatsvall Team said...

great post !!!! we have to keep the orphan crisis at the front of our hearts and minds daily ...

sorry about your car issues ... it is such a downer, but we won't let anything steal our joy in the Lord !!!!

Wendy said...

You teach me so much. I'm grateful for your posts.

Oh, I bought the book, Scared too...looking forward to reading it soon.
~ Wendy

Andrea said...

Amen! Thank you for this post. It always amazes me how God gives us what we need, even before we knew we needed it. He has certainly done that with us and our special needs adoption. I am now a wound care,g-tube specialist and And NEVER would have imagined myself here, but wouldn't change it for the world.
Blessings to you and sweet Sara.

Christy. said...

Yeah for being crazy!! :0) Lots of people think we are crazy for adopting and adding a fourth child to our family. But, we are crazy about being Jesus' hands and feet, that is what it's all about!