Monday, May 18, 2009

worn out

Do you ever wonder why some things in life have to be so complicated and difficult?

That's where I'm at today. A friend of mine just received word from Ethiopia regarding yet another delay on their adoption process. My heart is grieving with her and for her son as he has to wait longer to be united with his family.

It doesn't seem fair. It doesn't seem right. It's downright maddening.

And yet, she will keep pressing on, doing whatever is necessary to bring her sweet boy home.

Why? Because love keeps trusting. Love keeps going. Love is committed to going the distance. Love believes even when the situation seems impossible. Love does whatever is necessary.

Love is always the answer.

But what happens when we feel worn out? What if we get to the end of our rope, the end of ourselves and just can't go on?

Ah, that's the best part. That's when our faith is fully tested. When we get to the end of our rope and have nothing left to possibly give, the only thing we can do is let go.

And that's when we learn what faith is all about. Trusting in the One who created us, the One who calls us, the One who loves us to save the day. To hold us up. To spur us on.

Surrender can be a scary thing. Sometimes we choose to surrender because we know it's the best thing for us and understand how easy it actually is.

Other times, we surrender because it's the only option we have. And yet, it letting go can feel like the most difficult thing to do.

The challenging thing is that letting go of the rope can feel like we're giving up.

Really, though, it's a matter of giving in. It's letting go of our way and our will in order to allow God to have His way and His will with our lives.

Living our lives by faith is a crazy thing. Just when we think we have it all figured out, God throws us a curve ball.

Is it because He wants to drive us insane? No.

Is it because He wants to make us suffer? Absolutely not.

The truth is that He keeps us off balance in order to teach us to trust Him and rely solely upon Him for all things. We may think we know what is best for our selves, but there are so many things we don't know and aren't able to see.

God sees it all. God knows it all. He is working, even when it feels like He's MIA.

When a curve ball comes our way, God has something to show us, to teach us. All because He loves us.

I'm so blessed by my friend, Melissa, and her strong faith. Granted, she feels frustrated and discouraged today, and I don't blame her. However, instead of getting stuck in the pit of human knowledge and tying a knot in her rope, she is choosing to surrender.

She's letting go of that rope and is choosing instead to cling to the One who loves her. She is choosing to believe that God knows what's best for her, her family and her beautiful little boy. The best news of all. He does! :-)

As I watch my friend continue to press into the Lord and trust in His timing, I'm inspired to let go of a few ropes myself. Really, my Friend, it's the only way to keep LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

With faith and hope,


Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

Any Jo,
I am praying for Melissa and also for you, as I am sure your heart is so heavy for her as she deals with the discouragement involved in the adoption process. Praying for God to bring them their child soon and carry them through this tough time of waiting and surrender. Also, I continue to pray for your family.

Tonya said...

I so needed to hear this today. Craig's ex wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon and liver cancer last week and has 6 months to live. Needless to say, it has rocked our world and our timeline to be together. I've been so mad at God for the past week that I can barely pray. I had to repent this morning, and it wasn't fun.

His youngest daughter is 16 (others are 20, and 21). I don't know if I can step parent like that again. I have many things to consider. I'm seeing my counselor today!

Thanks again for your message!

Miss you tons,

Chantelle said...

Wonderful message, Amy. Thanks for sharing your heart.