Thursday, May 21, 2009


Please join me in lifting up the Chapman family today in prayer. I cannot even begin to imagine the loss, pain and extreme grief they have been through and continue to process through.

I'm so thankful that this life is just the beginning. And yet, for those left behind, waiting for Heaven must seem like eternity.

(On a side note, God used Steven & MaryBeth to inspire our family to pursue adoption through China. Our own sweet Sara was also from Philip Hayden. We are so very grateful for all they have done to raise awareness and support for orphans worldwide.)

Even in the midst of sadness, His love and amazing plans for each of us allow us to continue LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Remembering beautiful Maria and her precious family today,


Chantelle said...

Thank you for the reminder to PRAY for this beautiful family. (So glad God used them to inspire you to adopt!)

sara said...

Remembering the Chapman family today. Lifting them up, that this would be a day of Hope for them...