Friday, May 29, 2009


Yesterday was a totally crummy day.

Lost my peace. Lost my patience. It wasn't pretty.

Today, I've listened to this song--over and over and over. :-)

I'm so thankful that my God is peace. He is patience. He is all things good. He's all that I'm not. And, He loves me through the good days and the bad.

If you like this song, you'll love the rest of Kristene Mueller's CD. (BTW - I don't think this is a video that the artist made herself. At least you can hear her sing it. I like the heart and hope pics towards the end.)

"Redemption is so much better than perfection." It's because of that, that I am LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Imperfect and yet oh-so-loved,


Becky Ryder said...

Thankfully we can rest in God's peace. My Wed. sounded like your yesterday:( Praying for peace and patience for the both of us!

Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

I really needed to hear that song and truth, so thank you for that blessing! It is hard for me to forgive myself and allow myself grace, especially when I mess up as a mom and get impatient and am a bad example to my kids. So, I am going to trust and pray tonight, that God will redeem all of "it" and continue to REDEEM!