Thursday, May 7, 2009

one more to share

Ah, made it through the day, thanks to my quickly growing up daughter! She just put Sara to bed for me (early) and now the house is blissfully quiet. :-) Praying tomorrow I wake up feeling 100 times better! (I've got birthday cake making and house decorating to do!)

Anyhow, with all this quiet time to rest on my hands, I thought I would get caught up on my online reading. I just ran across yet another incredible article over at Reject Apathy/Relevant Magazine.

The first sentence made me a bit nervous, but I quickly realized that Jeff Goins is articulating something very similar to what God has been speaking to me this week. I love it when that happens.

Seems like we're not the only ones, but a reader also left me a comment that she too was praying that God would make her "uncomfortable." Hmmm, what is the Holy Spirit up to?!? Sounds like a revolution is starting, Friends. No kidding. It's gonna be GOOD!

LIVING A BLESSED LIFE (even with a fever!)

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Amy Savage said...

THANK YOU for sharing that article. My heart just screamed YES to the whole thing. I think there's no doubt that God is waking a bunch of us up to the fact that there is so much MORE that He longs to do in and through us if we would just let go of our stuff, our perceived security, and most importantly - ourselves. God, MOVE US!!! What an adventure we could go on if we'd catch His heart and act accordingly!