Wednesday, May 27, 2009

on the move

In yesterday's post, I included a powerful quote from On the Move. The book is actually a speech given by U2's lead singer, Bono. The speech was addressed to faith leaders and politicians at the 2006 National Prayer Breakfast.

I bought the book for my husband's birthday. Within minutes of unwrapping it, he read it cover to cover. Watching my man get choked up while he read moved me beyond words. I love a man who is tough enough to cry. :-)

The heart in which Bono speaks is powerful, convicting and inspiring. If you haven't heard his speech, yet, you can watch it online, read it online or buy the book. (I highly recommend that you do all three! The book, however, has the added benefit of beautiful photos taken in Africa by Bono himself.)

Perhaps, you too, will be moved to tears. And laughter too. I had no idea Bono was such a comedian. ;-)

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"This is what happens when God gets on the move: crazy, crazy stuff happens."

"...God may well be with us in our mansions on the hill. I hope so. He may -- may well be with us in all manner of controversial stuff. Maybe, maybe not. But the one thing we can all agree -- all faiths, all ideologies -- is that God is with the vulnerable and poor.

God is in the slums, in the cardboard boxes where the poor play house. God is in the silence of a mother who has infected her child with a virus that will end both their lives. God is in the cries heard under the rubble of war. God is in the debris of wasted opportunity and lives, and God is with us if we are with them."

"Look what happened in South East Asia with the Tsunami. 150,000 lives lost to the misnomer of all misnomers, “mother nature.” Well, in Africa, 150,000 lives are lost every month -- a tsunami every month. And it’s a completely avoidable catastrophe."

If you have yet to learn about the AIDS pandemic, I strongly recommend that you take the time to do so. No, it's not easy information to process, but it does weigh heavily on the heart of God. It's not something that we can (or should) ignore.

One of the books I read to prepare for our current adoption is There is No Me Without You. (Actually, my family and I listened to the book on CD while we were driving in the car.) Melissa Fay Greene poured her heart and soul into her book, which is a personal account of life in Ethiopia.

Obviously, HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest tragedies that Ethiopians face on a daily basis. Because of this, Melissa has included a great amount of research data and facts about the devastating disease in her book. It's a great place to start if you want to learn more.

As I seek to know my God more intimately, I long to know those things that move His heart. Reading and researching is a great place to start, the next step, however, is to move with God and be a part of the solution.

Here's the second part of Bono's quote from yesterday's post:

"Well, let's get involved in what God is doing. God, as I say, is always with the poor. That's what God is doing. That's what He’s calling us to do."

In doing so, my Friends, we will find that we are most assuredly LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

On the move,


Kelli Gray said...

Amy-It was great to hear from you, our baby is doing wonderful! I cant wait to read more of your blog to find out where you are at w/your adoption;-)
Kelli Gray

Wendy said...

Excellent! Going to get the book. You always have the best book suggestions!
~ Wendy

HisFireFly said...

A woman who has chosen to serve and pour out her life in Uganda has used the quote about God being with us when we are with the poor and I am always moved by it. I must read the book.

God loves your heart and I thnak you for sharing it wit hthe rest of us, reminding us of His call on our lives.

Also, the cinnamon brulee coffee arrived and wew tried it yesterday, quite nice, thank you for blessing us!

emily said...

I found these on sale online 2 years ago and have given them to everyone that I know! They are great gifts- just love his words.