Thursday, May 14, 2009

catching up

Chelsea baking cookies with her best friend

Chelsea raised money to buy toys for kids fighing cancer

So proud of her beautiful heart (her friend helped package the gifts!)

Zoo trip with Dad

Learning to use scissors (cutting paper into tiny, tiny bits)

Sara loves to spell our names (especially her new brother's name!)

Dancing & singing before bedtime :-)

Sometimes Sara surprises me with her photographic memory!

Playing Star Wars (I think) with her big sis and bro

At the park with good friends

Waiting for Geoff at the pizza place - we call this car insanity ;-)

First time skating and she went solo!

Note the imaginary puck (she was happy)

Just because she's so cute (and standing on skates!)

Girl Time (celebrating Chelsea's 11th birthday skating)

Men & Boy's Campout with our church

Just because I love the man (& heart) behind the camera

Guy Time (at Fort Stevens)

Liam was in boy heaven!

Playing on the beach at sunset

Weekend with Chelsea (shopping at Cannon Beach)

I love the beach

Shoppin' with my cowgirl (we saw Hannah Montana, thus the boots!)

Our condo for the weekend (headed out for Girl's Day)

Working on our first session of Passport2Purity (she loved it!)

Gorgeous sunset at dance class

A preview of Chelsea's ballet costume

Shoppin' with my little one
(our "date" night while Chelsea dances & Liam swims with Geoff)

I spent my afternoon listening to the sweet sounds of my three kiddos playing together and felt nostalgic. We've made so many memories in the past couple of years as a family of five.

I can't wait to see how our new son will fit into this already amazing mix. I know our lives will be that much richer and more full. Can't wait. Until then, we're filling out more paperwork and praying for our handsome "M" waiting in Ethiopia. God is SO good.

Laughter, adventure, smiles and fun...these are all essential parts of LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Sweetest blessings,
Amy Jo


Chantelle said...

I enjoyed all your pics! Love the beautiful ballet costume. (my 8 yr. old just had her recital and was not so lucky in the 'girly costume' department). Also the "Cosco" on the bathtub wall, the beach shot, and the Hannah Montana boots. All so cute!

Becky Ryder said...

Great pictures! You've been on my mind and been praying for you! I'm going through withdrawl from your blogs. Hope all is well and you all are blessed:)

Pam said...

Amy, great photos! I feel caught up with you guys now!

Love Chesea's heart and her beautiful recital dress. My is she looking grown up. And Sara, too for that matter. Love Liam's face in that zoo photo and the one with him in the ditance at the camp. Wow!

Dawn said...

THANK YOU for all the pictures and updates Amy!!! It was so nice to see the kids... ;-) I do love what Chelsea was doing for the children. SO sweet! Sara is getting so big, and her spelling, oh my... great! Liam did look to be having a great time.
Thanks for sharing.