Saturday, April 18, 2009


Fear grips so many of us, especially in this day and age. It robs us of our peace, but also, of the lives we are supposed to be living.

I just ran across this post over at Mocha Club. The video is powerful and takes less than five minutes to watch. Will you take a risk and watch it? Yes, you'll see sadness and disturbing images. There's nothing about children soldiers that is right. And yes, they do exist outside of this season's episodes of "24." If you take a risk, you'll also see hope and joy. You'll be encouraged and hopefully inspired.

You see, my Friend, YOU can be a part of the amazing things that are going on halfway across the world. For only $7.00 a month, you can join our efforts towards meeting the needs of an orphan. OR, you can start your own club on behalf of one of the other needs that Mocha Club supports. Really it's just a matter of giving up a couple tall lattes each month.

If you've been wanting to reach out and make a difference, but weren't sure how, or were worried that your budget might not support it, the Mocha Club is an excellent place to start. Simply click here, or on the badge on my sidebar to find out more. And hey, they are still giving away their awesome tees. :-)

Yes, I still need Africa more than Africa needs me. Do you?

LIVING A BLESSED LIFE and asking others to come along for an amazing adventure!


emily said...

Love Mocah club and my cute tee from them! :)

Becky Ryder said...

It amazes me and is a testimony to see what these people are going through but yet raise their hands in praise to God! It helps me to remember to praise God in the not so good times too! Thanks for sharing!