Thursday, April 23, 2009

no words, really

After I finished writing my post below, I went over to Tom Davis' blog and was immediately brought to tears.

You can read my post, written as a mom who is richly blessed in America. I have the resources and luxury of taking my daughter away for the weekend in order to prepare her for the future.

And then, you can read the flip-side of our lives and what other children are experiencing on the other side of the world. They are victims of sin. They are left alone to deal with the wrong that was done to them. They are left wounded, broken, hungry and infected with a deadly disease. The circumstances they are in is wrong. So very, very, very wrong.

This is where my passion comes from, Friends, when I write on my blog. When I talk about social justice and ask you to take a look at the tragedy that is going on in our world today. When I share about the amazing things people are doing on behalf of Jesus. THIS is what it's all about. When I invite you to join in the work that is being done. It's not easy. Far from it. But it is needed. Desperately needed. And, when we respond to the need and do whatever we can the results are oh-so-beautiful.

My own family has experienced incredible hardships. Bad things have happened. But, we weren't left alone. God surrounded us with new friends to love and support us. We may have looked pretty and clean on the outside, but on the inside, we were very much the same as these precious women and children in Ethiopia are. Hurting and in need. The details and circumstances may be very different, but inside we are all humans...and we need each other.

We are all God's children. Some of His children, however, are currently in desperate need. They are in need of love, safety, food, shelter, medical attention, and care. They deserve to be held, comforted, fed, washed, clothed and CELEBRATED.

My heart is anguished by the injustice that has been done to them, but my spirit is full of joy because of the work that Tom and his team are doing RIGHT NOW. I know the stories are hard to read. The ramifications of sin is ugly. It's horribly difficult to look at. Wouldn't it be much more comfortable instead to hop over to P*ttery B*arn's website and do a little shopping? I know it! I fight the urge not to look away and distract myself with something that is far more appealing to the eye. Something that numbs the pain that starts to spread in my heart.

We can turn our eyes away from the suffering and choose instead to blame God. But you know, the sad reality is that it's not God's fault that our world is such a crazy place of disparity. We can try to put it all on Him and rant about how "He needs to do something."

However, the reality is that God is watching over us, silently weeping, wondering why we aren't doing something. He's broken-hearted because we are able to justify closing our eyes while blaming Him.

Please don't hear my words as words of condemnation. I've done it myself, just yesterday. I closed an email, unable to read more, because the details were too ugly, to difficult to hear. Please hear my heart for what it is, broken yet full of hope. Knowing that we can do something about our current situation.

We are strong enough to look evil in the eye and overcome it with good.

God doesn't expect us to do it all. We can't. But He is waiting for us to give the little amount we do have and trust that He will do something extraordinary with it.

We do have a choice here. It will cost us. It will be hard. It will be worth it. (After you've read Tom's current post, scroll down a way and read about Mary. Oh yes, it is most definitely worth it! There is healing. There is redemption. Like I said, it is oh-so-beautiful. Just ask my own family.)

Humbled by the fact that I am LIVING A BLESSED LIFE and yet excited that I am able to use that life to bless others.

Blessings & grace,

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Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

No words, but I know we can't continue to turn a blind eye to the suffering and pain. I do know we personally don't respond with enough trust and obedience. I want god to change this in us. Praying....