Thursday, April 2, 2009

the legacy of baby Moses

Have you ever wandered if sponsoring a widow, orphan or missionary actually does make a difference? I know I have. I've wondered if I, one solitary person, could actually make a difference. The thing I'm learning is that none of this is about me and what I can do. It's all about what God can and will do through me when I am sensitive to His Spirit and choose to live a life of love.

There's a short video floating around the blog world titled The Legacy of Baby Moses. If you haven't seen it yet, I hope you have six minutes in your day to watch it.

God does work miracles. Sometimes they don't happen the way we hope or expect them to, like with Baby Moses. But when they happen in His way and His timing, the results are far more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

One of the statements that really stood out to me in this video was a comment made by Moses' mother. She said that she wanted her older children to go to school in order for them to be able to stand on their own and not depend on other people. This is a woman who is battling AIDS. She has received financial and medical support. She has experienced the incredible transformation that support can bring. And yet.

This passion to live a life of integrity and persevere through difficult times is one of the core things that draws me to the people of Africa. Their living conditions and daily struggles are far greater than what we in America could ever imagine. Africans will accept support as a stepping stone in order to gain back their independence. However, they do not receive support in order to get comfortable and live their lives dependent upon others.

What a contrast between what I have observed here in America. There's a woman that my children and I see when we drive by our local C*stco and McD*nald's. She has been standing on the same corner for about 2.5 years now holding up a sign asking for food and money. My children have commented that every time they see this woman, her girth appears to be growing increasingly larger. She is not starving. And yet.

She continues to receive support on a daily basis. From what we can see, aside from standing on the corner holding a sign, she is doing nothing else to better her own cause. I feel incredibly sad whenever I see her. I have given her food and money in the past. In my heart, I had truly hoped that she would be someone who would receive the emergency help she was seeking, better her situation, and then move on. Unfortunately, it appears that she hasn't.

I want to be careful in sharing this story. I do not personally know this woman or the details of her life. My view from the outside could be completely incorrect. It is never our place to pass judgement on others. When I drive by this woman begging for food and money, I pray for her heart need. Because, clearly, there is one. I have never been in a position to beg for money, so truly, it's not my place to assume to know what her circumstances are. I imagine it must feel incredibly humiliating to be in her position. When I drive by, I do pray that God will meet her wherever she is at and bless her abundantly.

My heart's desire is to truly help all people in need, whether it is the woman on the corner in my own city or the one halfway across the world in a village in Swaziland. We are all humans with unique needs. However, I do think that as privileged Americans, where even our poorest citizens are considered wealthy when compared to other countries, we have a LOT to learn.

Again, I'm not trying to point fingers, because I know that in many ways I can be like the woman holding up a sign. How many times do I ask God to work a miracle in my life so that I can skip over the hard work that the change might otherwise entail? Ouch. Oh, I have so much to learn...

I pray that you will watch Katie's video and be very, very blessed. You can also visit Katie's blog. Be sure to watched the 2 minute video titled "Gone to School in Swaziland." (Grab tissue.)

May we all be willing to step outside of our own daily struggles and be willing to help someone in need. Regardless of whether they use our help as a stepping stone or simply a stone to sit upon. May we choose to help because it is what God calls us to do and allow Him to address the deeper heart issues we all struggle with.

Once again, I feel very humbled to be LIVING A BLESSED LIFE. I pray that I would have the courage and integrity to follow the path of stepping stones that others have graciously left before me, leaving the comfortable seat behind me. :-)

With grace,

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