Thursday, April 16, 2009


Lately I've been feeling like I'm with the Brady family in Hawaii, following a trail of popcorn. :-) The more I learn about God's Word, the more intrigued I become. I'm beginning to see that there are keys hidden within Scripture that unlock doors leading to more wisdom. The more insights God shares with me, the more freedom and victory I enjoy.

Many people assume that being a Christian must be (a) boring (b) restrictive or (c) pointless. The reality is that pursuing Christ is the most exhilarating adventure we will ever embark upon. When we let go of the things the world thinks are valuable, God showers us with the richest of blessings. Sorrow, burdens, depression and frustration all melt away. What some perceive as things of value, pale greatly in comparison to what God has for each of us.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about having an eternal perspective and how God calls us to live as citizens of heaven. I realized this week that the key to living a life of love is also living as a citizen of heaven.

Understanding how extraordinary heaven will be is the key to living as a citizen of heaven. Randy Alcorn wrote that the enemy of our souls cannot prevent us from going to heaven. BUT, he can try to make it seem so incredibly boring that none of us would want to spend eternity there.

If sat*n is working so hard at trying to persuade us that heaven is nothing to "die" for, isn't it safe to assume, therefore, that heaven must be phenomenal?!?

Let me ask you this. What are the top 10 things in this universe that leave you breathless? (Actually, I dare you to stop at ten!) The amazing colors that are painted in the sky at sunset? How the trees know which season we're in? How many different species of plants and animals there are? (If you've never watched the Planet Earth series yet, I highly recommend it.) How intricately a baby is knit together in his mother's womb? Watching the ocean's waves crash one after another? The delicious taste of freshly picked fruit? How awesome it feels to be truly known and accepted by another human being? My own list would go on and on...

If this life is only a precursor, how magnificent heaven must be! No more sickness, hatred or disease? Are you kidding me?!? I'm sad that I have lived almost 38 years of my life being deceived by those lies distracting me from the gift that my King died to give me.

So how does understanding heaven help me to live a life of love here on earth? Well, if I'm storing up riches in heaven for the blessings I choose to bestow upon others now, it's going to affect the choices I make each day.

Am I going to be worried about what's best for ME--or am I going to choose to do what's best for my friend? Am I going to worry about keeping all of MY stuff safe--or am I going to relax when my children want to borrow something fragile? Am I going to spend time trying to convince my husband that my way is best--or am I going to support his decision 100%? If I have my own room in my Father's mansion--do I really need to spend all of my time, money and effort pouring myself into a temporary dwelling?

Don't get me wrong, here. These aren't always obvious choices for me. I struggle with making godly choices daily. Sometimes my flesh just wants to veg out instead of going the extra-mile for my family. But, each time I do choose to honor others first, over my own selfish desires, I have been so incredibly blessed. Choosing to bless, honor and love others becomes addictive. It truly is more blessed to given than receive.

Can't wait to see what the next piece of popcorn along my path will reveal! :-) Until then, I'm going to keep LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

With incredible joy,


Becky Ryder said...

Wow, I have to tell you your recent posts have been helping me with my children. My patience level has been rising. Thanks for giving me some encouragement. I know God gives wisdom but its nice to have a Christian friend to help along the way!

Dawn said...

OK... are you trying to tell me something!!!??? ;-)
Amy, you never never cease to amaze me with your words. I too agree that the more we put into our faith and God, the more we get back. Yes, love, compassion, thoughtfulness, godliness, truth, and on an on, are soooo much more rewarding that any material thing. THank you again for putting your heart out there so freely. It really makes a difference. Love you girlfriend!