Friday, April 24, 2009

friday fun :-)

A little bit of lighthearted fun on for Friday. :-) Sorry the video cuts off Sara a bit...the good news is that I didn't crash while filming. Tee hee. After Sara watched herself singing she said, "I sing SO pretty." (Liam's back there too, just quietly reading his new library books.)

P.S. More to come about our 963 Coffee giveaway. :-)

Praying your day is especially sweet. Keep LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!


Christy. said...

So cute!!! Don't you love how the little ones don't realize that with headphones in we can hear them singing?!? My kids are hysterical with their ipods!
Enjoy the sun we are having today!

Anonymous said...

I love how Chelsea is so sweet with Sara. Their duet is priceless. And the videographer-one daring lady:)

Tell your girls they made me smile and now "I am walking on sunshine, oh yeah..."

Love from TX,