Wednesday, April 15, 2009

discovering pure love

The lessons on love keep coming and I'm so overwhelmed by how good God is. As I've mentioned before, I'm a voracious reader and plow through books, one and another. Since I've picked up Crazy Love, however, I've only been able to read a page or two at a time. As I do, the Lord keeps showing me different aspects of who He is, while also transforming my heart.

At times, I literally feel my physical heart growing and stretching. I don't know how to explain it, but it's mind-blowing. Really. :-) In the morning, when I sit down to journal what God has been teaching me and showing me, I can't help but cry. This journey I am on is so profound, so rich and so full of blessings. It's almost more than I can handle. Almost. ;-)

In yesterday's post, I shared some simple thoughts on love. Things that God is showing me. I desperately desire to know His love more fully in order to love others more purely. As only God can do, He's giving me opportunities to love others in BIG ways (through adoption, for example), but also in smaller ways. The opportunities are endless and simple enough that my kids can learn right along with me.

Instead of getting irritated at the person who dropped their dirty laundry outside the laundry room door, I can choose to be a blessing. Love picks up the laundry and puts it away.

On Sunday, Geoff woke me up in the middle of a delicious nap to ask me to help him out with our taxes. My flesh honestly wanted to make him wait while I squeezed in another 15 minutes. But then I heard the Lord whisper to my spirit, "Love gets up." And so, I did.

Yesterday, I was in the middle of my quiet time and all three of my kids kept coming in to show me something, ask me a question or request something. It would have been easy to make my time with God my priority and put off my kids' needs. I'm sad to say, I'm guilty of doing that very thing, more than once. :-(

But really, is that what love does? What kind of Gospel am I living out for my children when I make this choice? I'm reminded of Jesus correcting His disciples when they tried to send the children away. He was none too pleased.

No, love stops. Love listens. Love sees. Love gives.

Love is an action; not a feeling. The former takes effort; the latter happens automatically.

I'm sad for all the times that I've missed the "love boat" (pun intended!) All of the opportunities that I let down my husband, my children, my friend, my neighbor and the man on the street holding up a sign. I'm thankful, however, that God is patient and forgiving. I'm thankful that at just the right time He is teaching me what love truly is. He's changing my heart so that I am better able to see and receive His love, and also share it with others.

I'm learning what an effective teacher "love" can be. Rather than lecture my children, I'm finding it's easier and far more effective to gently say, "love forgives," "love helps," and "love listens." You know what? My kids learn much quicker than I do, and, in turn are teaching me a thing or two about love!

Today, I am LIVING A BLESSED LIFE because "Love never fails." (1 Corinthians 13:8)

Sweet blessings & LOVE,


Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

I don't feel like I do a very good job with "love" in general and I know I struggle with being patient, kind and gentle. But then I am reminded from Paul's example that he and his grace are enough and sufficient for me, and his power somehow made perfect in my weakness. I pray that he helps me learn to love better as I run this race. You spur me on to trust God and seek his truth! Thank you!

Kelli Gray said...

A.J- Its nice to meet you! So glad Father introduced us. I cant wait to spend time on your blog-it looks wonderful!!! :)
You are so sweet and yet spunky... what a joy it will be to know you.
Kelli Gray