Wednesday, April 1, 2009

blood:water mission

There are so many stellar organizations out there doing good work. Last night, I fell upon Blood:Water Mission's website and watched this powerful video (click on "watch the video") put together by Jars of Clay.

As Geoff and I fell asleep talking last night, he shared with me why he is so passionate about helping to build wells in Africa (and anywhere else they are needed.) When women don't have a local water source, they are forced to walk miles, sometimes hours to fetch water. Oftentimes, the water they bring home is bacteria-ridden. Those two facts alone are heartbreaking. And yet, the one fact that moves my man the most is that when women have to go on those long treks in search of water, they often have to leave behind their children.

By drilling wells in the communities, Geoff pointed out, we can help mothers stay at home with their children. They aren't able to love on them, play with them and care for them if they have to walk miles to bring home water. (I don't have to point out the obvious that oftentimes, the water they bring home to their precious children can be deadly. Especially when someone in the family is battling HIV/AIDS. It's not right, is it?)

We can make a difference. This is what it can look like. If you watch 5 minutes into the video, you can be inspired by a sweet little boy desiring to "help Africans that he doesn't even know." Beautiful, eh?

Honestly, it doesn't have to be thousands of dollars (although that would be AWESOME!) Every little bit makes a difference. Our job is to not just close our eyes and plug our ears. Our job is to let the stories into our hearts. Allow our hearts to physically ache when we hear the real life stories of suffering, death and disease. Our responsibility is to pray and seek God's direction on how much we give and to whom we give it.

The mind blowing thing is that we can never out give God...after all, the money in our pockets and all the beautiful things we own, ALL belong to Him. Really, it's just a matter of opening up our hands (and hearts) and allowing Him to bless others through His incredible generosity. In God's beautiful economy, we in turn, are also blessed. It really doesn't get much better than this.

LIVING A BLESSED LIFE and thankful for the fresh, clean, temperature-regulated water I enjoy 24x7.

Sweet blessings,


Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

Wow, yes, we need to continually be seeking and asking God to use our resources fully to make a difference. We were part of a project last year that brought clean water and lots of things to a care point in Swaziland and now we are going to be able to go visit this carepoint and the people in June when we go to Swaziland. We can't wait! This week we had a chance to share with a group of 100+ women here in Colorado Springs about God opening up our hearts and hands. Some of the scripture God had us use was 2 Corinthians 9:6-15. We have been blessed, and want to bless others through what God has given us financially and through talents and I trust he will keep teaching us this more and more everyday. It is our prayer that he builds this into us and helps us obey his truth so much more in the days to come. Thanks for this great blog and sharing your heart!

Dawn said...

Once again you never cease to amaze me and bring it home!!! Love you girlfriend.