Saturday, March 28, 2009

2000 verses

My thanks go out to Tom Davis for recommending the Poverty and Justice Bible. I ordered a copy about a month ago and just dug into today. Wow. I absolutely love it.

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time now, it's probably obvious what area the Lord has been working on me lately. :-) Getting outside of myself and starting to really see the world through His eyes.

There are over 2000 verses in the Bible relating to poverty and justice. Depending upon your Bible, that's basically at least one verse for every single page. No kidding. I heard it said somewhere that if God actually repeats something more than once, then it's VERY important to Him. Guess that tells us a little bit about where He stands regarding the poor and oppressed, eh?

The really cool thing about this Bible is that they scoured through the Word and highlighted the verses that directly related to how God feels about poverty and justice - in BRIGHT orange! Can't miss that. They've also included a section of "in-depth studies practical suggestions on what we can do to tackle poverty and injustice in our world today." (taken directly from their website) After only a day of digging into it, I have to say that I highly recommend this Bible.

Do you actually have to buy a copy of this Bible? No, definitely not. I think it would be worth finding a unique colored highlighter and working your way through the Scriptures highlighting anything that relates to the poor, widow, and orphan -and God's heart towards them.

However, if you are interested, the Bible is published in the UK. For those of us here in the US, you can order a copy through or I used the free-shipping offer through Amazon when I bought my own copy and it arrived in less than a week.

(And no, I'm not making any revenue off the recommendation - at least not in this world! ;-) I just happen to feel strongly that it's already changing my life and wanted to share the blessing.)

Let me know if you decide to grab a copy and if so, what you think.

Praying that you are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Sweetest blessings,

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