Sunday, January 4, 2009

watering the weeds

I am forever in awe when the Lord drops something "new" on me. I've been trying to find the words to describe how it happens, however, it always seems so miraculous, words just don't do it justice.

The best I can say is that whenever He speaks a word into my spirit, it immediately takes root and begins to grow. The light bulb goes on, and I "get it." I know that it is from Him and not myself simply because of the way it happens. If you've had this happen, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, this probably sounds incredibly odd. ;-) In which case, my prayer is that God will drop an incredible insight into your spirit in the very near future. When that happens, you'll say, "Ah-ha, now I get it!"

So, a couple of weeks ago I had been consistently praying about some different challenges in the area of parenting (what else?!?) and the Lord spoke these words into my spirit. "Child, stop watering the weeds."

There it was, clear as day and completely out of the blue. The minute I heard the words, I knew exactly what He meant.

So many times in my parenting (and in my thought life), I'm watering the weeds! I put far too much attention and focus on the attitudes, actions and words that I don't like rather than helping to grow the things I want to see more of. In doing so, I'm helping the negative things grow (and SPREAD!) Ugh.

It's important to address the weeds in the garden, but it's the flowers that need to be nurtured, watered and cared for.

When God drops something big like that on me, it's a word that I cherish and meditate on frequently. I find that He will continually bring it to mind. He also shows me specific instances when His truth will help bring victory and breakthrough in my life.

Lately, He's been helping me to bite my tongue when I'm on the verge of "watering a weed." He also shines the light on situations when I can instead speak words of love and encouragement to my kids. By doing so, I am watering the flowers and planting new seeds for the future. Oh, how lovely it is when I see the I see tiny flowers beginning to break through the soil! :-)

I love that my God is personal and speaks in a language I can easily understand. I am so thankful for His patience with me when I forget His words and find myself surrounded by a patch of prickly weeds! It's a definitely a process and His grace and mercy keep me going day after day.

Having an intimate relationship with the Master Gardener keeps me LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

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Carla said...

Beautiful post, Amy. I am "watering the weeds" way too much these days w/my children.