Thursday, January 29, 2009

taught by a child

Lately, whenever the kids and I jump in the car to run an errand, Sara's first words are, "Mommy, can I please pray for this beautiful day?" (And no, she's not referring to the weather, because she's asked me that on days when it's absolutely dreary outside.)

As soon as I respond with "Absolutely, Honey!" the next four words I hear leave me speechless.

My sweet girl starts her conversation with her Creator by simply saying, "God, I love you."

Wow. I wish I could say that she was following my example, but honestly, those are the precious words spoken straight from her heart. And she means them.

The rest of her prayers also touch my heart because she keeps them simple and real.

"Please help me to honor Miss Kim today at my dance class."
"Please help Chelsea have a good time at dance class,
"Please help Mommy's head better."
"Please bless Daddy at work today."
"Please help Liam feel better."

This girl knows how to pray. And how to teach her Mommy how to pray as well.

LIVING A BLESSED LIFE and praising my God and my King for it daily. :-)

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sara said...

Amen! My heart burns with the desire to have a child like faith - to hold onto the simplicity of loving God & others......