Wednesday, September 10, 2008

especially sweet love

This morning my youngest had a really hard time behaving. We were half-way through with our morning worship/devotion time and she was quickly falling apart. I asked her to sit quietly next to me, which immediately prompted loud screams (and I do mean LOUD). This time, however, rather than continue to wail, she found an alternative that worked well for both of us.

She climbed up onto my lap, threw her arms around my next and snuggled in CLOSE. Now, in order to fully appreciate this, you have to understand that Sara's history of loss and trauma have result in a phobia of being too close (especially hugs not on her terms.) So, when she decided to give me the bear hug of a life time, I soaked in every single minute of it and asked Liam to turn on another worship song.

Love is sweet. Something to cherish and soak up. Sometimes we get to busy or focused to really take it in. I'm so thankful that today, my precious girl opted to reach out in trust and receive what she really needed. Love. Pure. Sweet. LOVE.

I pray that today you are able to soak up the love of those around you and fully enjoy LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

pretty in pink

Two weeks ago, I took my girls to buy their dance attire & shoes. Sara knew exactly which outfits she wanted; this adorable one and a black outfit. We brought them home and she proceeded to dance and twirl in her ballet slippers all day. At bedtime, she put on her pj's and then on went the ballet slippers! Very cute.

This is Chelsea's 8th year dancing. She started when she was three and has been with the same amazing teacher year after year. Chelsea dances ballet and tap.

After watching Chelsea's dance recital last year, Sara couldn't wait for her own class to start. She had a GREAT time in class this morning and looks like she shares her sister's passion and skill for dancing. Very sweet!

The above pics were a bit hard to capture as I couldn't get her to stop twirling to pose. I can already imagine what the recital will be like in nine months. :-)

Pink tutus and bright pink crocs...what better reason to be LIVING A BLESSED LIFE?!?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

a new year

We started homeschooling again on Tuesday. The four of us have all been working very hard. I am so proud of my kids and their desire to learn. I feel so blessed that they want to stay home with me. Even more amazing is that the kids were begging me since August to let them start doing school again. :-)

Our theme this year is "honor" (God, parents, siblings, friends, & neighbors.) There have been lots of bumps in regard to honor (or lack thereof) this past week on all of our we have a ways to go. But, I trust that God will meet our desire to bless Him in our actions, attitudes and words towards each other. Definitely a process. :-)

Here are some pics from our first week:








I am humbled and energized by my job (ok, exhausted, as well!) . I never would have imagined that I would be a homeschooling mom, but God did. I've recognized these past few weeks how He has both equipped and prepared me "for such a time as this." Yes, we still struggle (every day); and yes, I pray daily (every other minute) for patience, focus, wisdom, and strength. But I have to say that I really, truly love this life that God has blessed me with.

For all of you with school-aged children (whether at home, in public or private school), I pray that this will be an amazing year for them. I pray that God will help you carve out time to relax and have fun as a family. I pray that God will give you energy as you support them in their schooling and extracurricular activities. I pray that God would bless them with amazing teachers and good friends. I pray that they will be protected (body, mind, heart & soul). I pray that God would give them focus when they study - and especially when they do homework! I pray that God will fill their hearts with a passion to know and serve Him and that He would help them to dream BIG. I pray that you, your children and your family would fully enjoy LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

With joy & grace,

and then we laughed

With the start of school, Geoff and I decided to make every other Friday night a special family night. The night started off with pizza and then we all cozied down to watch an episode of Plant Earth. If you haven't seen this series yet, I highly recommend it. (There is the occasional animal chain activity going on - i.e. animals eating other animals - but so far we haven't seen anything graphic.)

We were all stunned by God's amazing display of creativity and power...until we saw this...and then we laughed (and laughed and laughed until we were crying!) Oh my. Being that this is called the Bird of Paradise, I really have to wonder if we'll be seeing this strange creature - and yes, it's a MALE BIRD(!) again when God restores Paradise. Whew. Crazy bird...but the family time was awesome! By the way, it's a bit hard to get the full affect of this little guy on a computer screen. He really is amazing.

Just in case you don't want to watch the video, here's a picture of Mr. Love!

I'm wondering how some of you make time to have fun as a family? We're also planning on spending some nights playing board games...any good suggestions for families with kids of varying ages and abilities (10, 7 & 3)?

Praying that you have been LIVING A BLESSED LIFE this weekend with your families! Hope your week is full of peace & joy!