Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bird Nests & Wildflowers

I love wildflowers...especially because God has sown so many in my life...unexpected bursts of color and joy in places I never would have expected them. The most unusual place I've found wildflowers lately has been in a messy pile on my doorstep. (Not the metaphorical ones I mentioned above, but real flowers. Which, by the way, I love those too!) I have a crazy bird friend (the kind with feathers) who insists on trying to build a bird nest on the window ledge ABOVE MY FRONT DOOR! She's been trying since last summer to build a nest for herself.

When I first found the pile on my doorstep, I thought one of the neighbor kids had left them for my daughter...until I found dental floss and HUMAN HAIR (gag) in the pile. Nice, huh? Out of all the beautiful trees in the neighborhood, she picked the entrance to my house. Call me blessed. :-) So, every few days I clean off my doormat and shake my head that she keeps trying to build in such a crazy spot. One day she actually got a good nest started...until I opened the screen door and it all came crashing down on my head! (Fortunately she hadn't been rummaging through my neighbors garbage cans during her last building frenzy - but all the same I did choose to take a shower - immediately!)

The whole dance between me and said bird was actually pretty entertaining, although I have to admit, I was a bit frustrated that she was wasting so much time and effort. I was pondering that very thought when God got my attention. Isn't it funny how other people's (and/or bird's) actions and choices irritate us until we realize how much we have in common with them? I was starting to lose my sanity trying to get ready for the She Speaks conference I'm headed to next weekend. I started to feel incredibly overwhelmed and confused with the writing projects I'm working on in preparation for the weekend. (Oh, and I had just read a devotional on how God is not the author of confusion...how quickly we forget,...sigh.) Anyhow, I went out to get my mail, saw more remnants of what should have been a bird nest and heard the Lord speak deep into my spirit. "Child, why do you persist in building bird nests where I have not told you to?" Yup, I heard God speak...and within a split second the light bulb of understanding went on. (He had me at "Child"...) ;-)

You see, God had clearly told me seven years ago to 'build a nest' (in this case write a book) but rather than wait on Him and follow His leading, I had been trying to strive in my own flesh to make it happen. The way my morning had gone definitely resembled a jumbled pile of wildflowers on some poor person's doorstep. And wouldn't you know, as soon as I had repented for striving in my flesh and allowed myself to rest in Him, the confusion cleared and the stress disappeared. Oh, how thankful I am that God chose to get my attention through my little bird (brained) friend! I guess the saying is true after all, "birds of a feather stick together"...ha ha...it's late. (What else can I say?)

I know that God will tell me when it's time to begin building my beautiful bird nest in a tall and secure TREE and it will be worth the wait. For today, however, I'm more than content to peacefully enjoy the process of watching the wildflowers grow that my Creator has planted in my life and feel extremely grateful to be LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!