Tuesday, December 2, 2008

two very special families

Isn't she absolutely ADORABLE?!? This is my niece-by-adoption, Esther Li Lyn Strand. I was blessed to travel to China with her parents in November '06 and then spend a week at their home with my family in August '07.

Esther's family just returned home from their second trip to China to bring my cute "nephew" Hudson Si Jin Robert. You can see pictures of their amazing "Gotcha Day" on their blog. (The song you hear playing in the background was written by Esther & Hudson's uncle, Luke Caldwell, and will be released on a CD this month by Esterlyn. It's an incredible song. Luke named his band in honor of Esther.)

Esther and Hudson are blessed to have Hank & Mae as their big brother and sister (you can see their smiling faces on the blog as well!) Both of these blond beauties have huge hearts for Jesus and for the people of China.

Their parents, Sarah and Mike are an incredible couple who pour themselves daily into their four sweet children. I am so blessed to call both of them friends and thankful that God has joined our lives together in such a phenominal way.

If you have some extra time, I encourage you to visit their blog and get to know this beautiful family a bit better. I know they would covet your prayers for Hudson adjusts to his new life in the USA, and for the rest of them as they continue to adjust as a family of SIX!

If your time is limited, you'll want to at least stop by their newest post about another amazing family, the Cuozzo's. Sarah is hosting a raffle to help raise funds for this family to make a second trip to China, hopefully in the very near future.

There's more I would love to say, but I'll stop writing and let you get on over to visit the Strand Fam now.

Good friends, unselfish love and giving are all a part of LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

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strandfam said...

Amy, you and your family are a gift to us! It is wonderful to see how God amazingly orchestrates and weaves His beautiful plans in our lives. We are blessed that He brought your family into our lives!It is AMAZING! Thank you for your continued love and prayers for our family. It is wonderful to see the body of Christ coming together to pray for and help in a practical way for the Cuozzo family. Thank you for your help! Love you