Friday, December 12, 2008

it still rings true

Got my shirt in the mail today from The Mocha Club. The strong conviction I felt earlier this week, still rings true. I most definitely need Africa more than Africa needs me.

I was honored to be able to share with my kids this afternoon what my new shirt means to me. And what better time to have the conversation than during the Christmas Season?

Just looking at the above picture hammers its message home even further for me. Here I am surrounded by all of the modern conveniences I could want, and yet, I still struggle with joy and gratitude. (Just another area where I can allow God to work in my heart.)

I just received my first update from Mocha Club. They included a video of an adorable little boy named Prince who contracted AIDS from his mother. Both of his parents had died from AIDS when the video was made. The little boy was receiving medication for his own disease through Mocha Club. Unfortunately, the medication didn't come soon enough for him, and little Prince is now dead.

There's a part of me that wants to retype that sentence to try to make it more palatable, but the reality isn't pretty. It's tragic and so incredibly sad. $7.00 doesn't go very far in the US, but in Africa it can make a tremendous impact. Please consider signing up today. I would love to see my blog friends sportin' an awesome shirt like mine. :-)

By the way, the organization is Christian. Once you join you'll get access to all kinds of updates, videos, stories and pictures on their website and email newsletters periodically. The Mocha Club is doing AMAZING work in Africa...YOU can be a part of spreading God's love in a tangible way.

Thankful to be LIVING A BLESSED LIFE and learning more and more every single day!


Dawn said...

You always touch my heart Amy... I need to join the Mocha club!!
And, by the way, you look "Mahvelous"... you go girl!!!
Love you

Emily Makes Six said...

Oh Honey, your heart and tenderness inspires me. Yes, this world is cruel. How can I sign up?

Oh and look incredibly awesome. I am so proud of you!!!!

Love you!