Saturday, December 20, 2008

it doesn't get any better than this

We've accumulated at least 9 inches of snow today. Our kids have NEVER experienced winter weather like this. Come to think of it, neither have we.

At about 4:00 this afternoon, we all put on our snow gear, invited our neighbors and went for a walk around the 'hood. There was lots of fun to be had (and snow eatin' by "Miss Sara Snowball.") We took turns pulling the kids around on the sled. Geoff even found the strength to pull me AND Sara a bit. Gotta love that! So much fun!!!

Can you see the remnants of her hot chocolate still on her face? What a cutie!
Liam's self-portrait. :-)
Liam asked me to post his pics of their stockings. I opted to make Sara's a little bit different then ours. She was treated to an "Asian-themed stocking." (We try to honor the differences within our family while also not making a big deal out of them.) She loves her panda stocking. ;-)

Watching Home Alone 2 together and busting up.
Love the snuggles.
Haircuts go by the wayside when you're snowed in...but her long bangs haven't stopped her from enjoying her chocolate yet...
Seriously, we have about 80 pictures of Sara eating snow.
Busted! ;-)

Liam trying to convince Geoff to make him "ice shoes." (It involved nailing the ice block to his shoes. Can you say, "Um, no..."?

Aren't self-portraits just lovely? ;-)



KT said...

Isn't the snow just AMAZING!!
Our youngest is eating her fair share of snow too! Fun to know your family is enjoying the snow as much as we are!

Joy Portis said...

Looks like fun! Stay warm! That Hot Chocolate looks yummy! How exciting to hear about your prayers. I will be praying for God guidance for your precious family!

Merry Christmas my friend!
Loved the Christmas Card!

Keri said...

Now that is a lot of snow! Love Sara's rosy cheeks! If you stay snowed in much longer, Sara's bangs will be well on their way to growing out! Her hair is so thick and gorgeous. Your kids (and husband) all look like they are all enjoying the snow a lot. Love the pictures.