Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

On Christmas Day, we left THIS:

and spent the next five days enjoying THIS:

Granted, it wasn't sunny, blue skies every day. (Actually, the first 4 days involved pounding rain with 30-40 mph winds, with 60 mph gusts! The waves were reported to be up to 28 feet high. It was WILD. What better place to be during a storm than at the Oregon Coast, holed up with 4 of my most favorite people in the world?!?)

We spent our days completely relaxing in a condo that we've stayed at enough that it feels almost like a second home (without the burden of a mortgage or taxes, grin.) It felt so good to escape for awhile and just "be." We had actually planned on leaving a couple of days before Christmas, but the Arctic Blast had other plans for us.

That said, God's plans turned out far better than our own. We were blessed with a white Christmas at home, ate a yummy breakfast and then did some of the fastest packing we've ever done. Getting out of our neighborhood (18 plus inches of snow and ice), proved to be the most treacherous part of our journey. I'm so thankful Geoff was driving (you did great, Hon!) The rest of the drive was actually quite enjoyable. :-) I definitely prefer seeing black roads with white snow piled up along the sides.

We got lots of hours in at the pool, watching new DVDs (I LOVE Prince Caspian!), playing with the kids' new toys, snugglin' and eating yummy food. Whenever we go to the condo, Geoff blesses me by doing most of the cooking. I always feel so spoiled (especially when it involves him letting me sleep in while he gets up to make the kids breakfast.) What an incredible treat! (Note to Geoff: "I love you, too, Curtis!" hee hee. Add Kit Kittredge to the list of new DVDs in the Ivey household.)

We returned home to huge piles of no-longer-white snow (yuck) and a clean house. We decided to make use of our days snowed in and spent the time cleaning out all of our rooms and closets (especially our kiddos'.) It felt SO good to come home to a house that felt lighter with most of the excess gone. Goodwill received a HUGE delivery today! :-)

I hope you've had an enjoyable Christmas week and pray that 2009 is full of amazing blessings, growth and joy. May God reveal Himself to you in a deeper and more powerful way.

By the way, I've decided to try something I've never done this year. I'm joining Beth Moore and all of her "Siestas" in Scripture Memorization. To learn more, be sure to visit her blog and read her post titled "Anyone Game?"

My first Scripture is Isaiah 58:11:

"The LORD will guide you always,
He will satisfy your needs...
You will be like
a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters
never fail."

Looking forward to LIVING A BLESSED LIFE in 2009!

Happy New Year Friends,

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Joy Portis said...

I hope you're sending that email soon....that's cruel to leave me hanging like that. You know my mind is working 90 to nothing dreaming up all kinds of exciting things. :-) Glad you are back safely from what sounds like a wonderful and relaxing trip! Happy New Year!

I'm waiting......