Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i refuse to give up. really.

So my life's been a bit derailed lately in ways I never would have expected. My goal to become a long-distance runner has been pushed out a bit; as have my awesome early morning workouts. But you know what? I'm NOT giving up.

After three awesome months of sticking with my routine, my body finally decided to tell me that I was overdoing it. Or rather my new friend, Stacy, the Physical Therapist, told me I was overdoing it.

She actually laughed at me (on more than one occasion), when I told her I was working out for an hour six days a week. Seriously, she did. I think I'm still in shock that she wants me to cut back to 30 minutes only 3 days a week. She doesn't quite get that I heart my workouts. Guess my body doesn't get that either. (That sound you just heard was me huffing indignantly.)

So, she diagnosed me with tendinitis in my left arm and an injury to my IT-band in my left thigh and invited me to come back twice a week for some intense massage therapy...thank you very much. Throw in there a case of strep throat and I have to say, I've definitely felt better.

All that to say, making changes and getting healthy (or staying healthy) can be a bit tricky, BUT...I'M NOT GIVING UP! Really.

I'm having far too much fun shopping for new (a.k.a. smaller!) clothes and having my kiddos calling me thin. ;-)

Which brings me to the beautiful photo at the top of my post. I love sunny weather with blue skies. But if you think about it, as beautiful as those days are, how often are we inspired to take a photo of just a plain, old blue sky? The pics are actually quite boring. A few scattered clouds, on the other hand, definitely result in some gorgeous pics.

And so it is with life. If it were always a "bowl full of cherries," I don't think we would have quite the appreciation for the blessings that come our way each day.

If life isn't going exactly the way you had hoped or would prefer it to, and you're facing some cloudy weather, I pray that God will give you the courage to keep pressing on. May He give you the strength and perseverance you need each and every moment during those rough days.

Don't be afraid to lift your face up towards the sky and enjoy the beauty (and growth) that rainy days can bring.

Whatever you do, please don't give up. Even on the worst of days, we can keep praising God and enjoy LIVING A BLESSED LIFE! Really.


Tonya said...

I thought it was your IT band. I totally understand your frustration! Hang in there; it will get better. I could barely walk in Jan/Feb, and I'm running my 1/2 marathon this Sunday. PT will help immensely!!

Hang in there; I'm so proud of you.


Becki party of 5 said...

Amy, I am SO PROUD OF YOU!! You are an inspiration!! Keep at it girl. Maybe someday we can run a race together!!
Love ya!

Dawn said...

Great post Amy...
You are right, never give up and yes, even in our worst of days we can still praise God. I love your words. They always speak to me!!!
You keep it up girlfriend. You will be up and running in no time!
Love you