Friday, October 3, 2008

watching the rain

It's been quite a week in our household. My youngest is going through a stage of ignoring all of the boundaries and guidelines we give her. I'm realizing I need to find yet another new approach to parenting to reach her where she's at. I'm also learning (again) that on my own I can't do anything. BUT, with God I can do all things. Not only is it a great Scripture verse, it's a powerful truth that brings LIFE into what feels like hopeless situations.

My middle child is coughing non-stop and struggling to sleep. He's great about not complaining, but man, does he sound miserable. This is probably his third sickness this month. The rest of us take cover when he starts coughing in hopes of avoiding contamination! (Kidding. But we are repeating the words "Cover your mouth when you cough," over and over!) Bless his heart. Praying his immune systems gets stronger VERY soon.

My oldest child is grieving the recent loss of her close friend who moved away yesterday. On the positive side, I'm helping her learn how to feel and express her emotions, as well as how to take care of herself during a difficult time. She's admitted that she's in denial and is hoping her friend can visit from Texas. ("Once a day would be great, Mom!")

Being a mom is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the world. I truly believe that. I've found (through repeated mistakes and lessons learned), that for me, it requires that I cast ALL of my cares upon the Lord and rely on His grace, mercy and love to bring me through the good times and the difficult times.

Balancing the different needs (the will issues of my youngest, the physical needs of my middle child and the emotional struggles of my oldest) is tricky, to say the least. Actually, they can become downright 'sticky' when you through in hormonal challenges of the mom!!!

I could choose to be sad, worn out or even cranky. Today, however, I'm choosing to be quiet and reflective as I watch the rain fall outside my window.

A lot of people complain about the rain. I used to be one of those people, until my husband taught me how to see the beauty (and coziness) of it. I took the picture above this afternoon standing outside my house. I love how the fog and rain clouds settle over the beautiful hills to the west of our house.

Whether your day has been sunny or rainy, I pray that you are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

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XYXYmom (Tara) said...

Ah, how I wish we were drinking coffee and looking out that window together, chatting away like old friends. Ethan's allergies have been horrible the last week or so - they're scalping the golf courses and he's allergic to rye grass. His, too, is manifested by coughing and chest congestion.
Vegas, anyone?
Love you.