Thursday, October 9, 2008


(Warning: this story has a subtle gross-factor.)

While I was at my oldest daughter's dance class last night, two of the parents told me an awful story about a guy who was speeding in their neighborhood the night before. One of the mom's had a car full of girls who unfortunately were watching as he ran over their neighbor's cat. Ugh.

The girls were traumatized, the moms said they weren't able to stop thinking about it all day, and the owner of the cat spent her day sobbing over her loss.

This morning, when Chelsea woke up, the story was the first thing on her mind. She shared that the girls had told her that the driver of the car only stopped briefly, offered a pathetic "sorry," and then drove off leaving someone else to deal with the mess (and loss) he had created.

As I listened to my daughter speak, I could tell she was really bothered by the man's selfish attitude and inability to take responsibility for his actions. He left a trail of hurt and sad people. Not to mention a dead cat.

I couldn't help but compare the story to some of the struggles we've been having in our household lately. Lots of cranky attitudes. Words carelessly spoken in frustration or downright anger. Actions grounded in selfishness. It's been downright ugly, if I can be totally honest. And I'll admit, not all of the guilty offenders are under the age of 11. :-(

It's sad how we can be so focused on ourselves and our own needs. It's so human, and yet so opposite of how God calls to be.

If there's been any apologizing, many times I hear an apathetic "sorry," while the offender speeds off to pursue their own interests. Sadly, the wounded individual is left to deal with their broken heart and clean up the mess left behind. Wouldn't you know, that the one who was hurt tends to be the next one to "jump in the car" and reap further injury??? And the cycle continues all day long...

I'd like to try to excuse my own words and actions as simply being the only possible reaction to all the crankies around me...but I know better. I alone am responsible for my choices and I alone must deal with the consequences. It's so not how I want to be. But as I work through my own "stuff," God helps me to have more grace and compassion for my kiddos. After all, I'm their example, 24x7. :-)

Did I mention it's been a rough week??? (Actually, it hasn't been all bad; this just happens to be the next area we're focusing on as a family. Geoff and I praying and deep in discussion about possible ideas and solutions. I'll let you know if we find anything that works especially well!)

I pray that your week has been full of positive words and kind actions! This week, I'm holding onto the promise found in Lamentations 3:22-23. It is because of His mercies each day that I am LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!!!

Sweet blessings,

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Dawn said...

Poor girls Amy!!
I would not be happy to see that either...
I just love how you tied it all together for a much bigger statement. Thanks for the reminder of what can be left behind when unfinished!!!
Love you