Sunday, October 12, 2008

a perfect day...

The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous! Hard to believe it's mid-October...ok...well my little tootsies believe it every time I make them go outside clad only in my favorite pair of Nike flip-flops! But still, despite the coolness in the air, the weather was absolutely perfect; as was my day.

It started off with a cup of (non-bitter!) coffee and time with the Lord. Then I got in a 2 mile workout (love Leslie Sansone's DVDs!) After making my kiddos breakfast, I enjoyed a nice, long shower (I'm so thankful to live in a country where hot water is an every day luxury I can enjoy!)

Then it was off to church. All three of our kids love their classes and teachers. The blessing in that is that Geoff and I are able to enjoy two stress-free hours together. It's so nice to be able to relax in the fact that are being loved on by some awesome women in our church. (After spending years with one or more kids jumping all over us during the service, this is a BIG deal. Big.)

Today, we were met at the door by our honorary "Mom" and "Dad." My kids ADORE Linda and Alden and get so excited to see and hug them whenever possible. :-) So sweet. I was so happy to hear that Alden is recovering so well from his surgery to remove the cancer. God is so GOOD!

The worship today was especially powerful. Josh, from Issakar, is our worship leader. He always ministers to my soul through the songs he chooses. Today Josh encouraged us to allow God to purify our hearts while we sang "Consuming Fire" by Tim Hughes. Wow.

After church, Geoff surprised all of us with lunch at Red Robins. Sara was especially thrilled as she squealed "WED WOBINS! WED WOBINS! Yay, Daddy! Wed WOBINS!!!"

Next on our list was Old Navy where the five of us picked out coordinating outfits for our Christmas photos. After paying way too much money for pics that STUNK last year, Geoff decided he could do much better.

Because one store is never enough (ha ha), we made a quick trip to the "Blue Mall." (Actually it's called Washington Square. However, when Chelsea was 2 she called it the "Blue Mall" because the skylights make it look blue. :-) So, that's what we still call it.)

Liam had fun posing with the mannequins in Macy's:
We then spent a couple of hours up at the Hoyt Arboretum. The trees are starting to turn and it is so beautiful. Just the perfect day to throw down a blanket and take lots and lots and LOTS of pics. For the most part, our kiddos obliged. Can't wait to share some of the pics Geoff got, but for now I'll give you a teeny, tiny hint:

And here's a pic of our talented photographer and his little helper (who almost crashed his prized camera to the ground when she tipped over the tripod...gulp.)
Our final stop was the grocery store for some much needed items and then finally home. Geoff was kind enough to pull together a quick dinner and get the kids off to bed. (Yes, I'm really spoiled! He had mercy on me because I wasn't feeling too good. What an awesome man! Who could ask for anything more?)

What an absolutely amazing day...exactly what this family needed after a couple of challenging weeks.

So, how did you spend your Sunday? What "luxuries" are you most thankful for? More importantly, how can I pray for you this week?

Hope your weekend was full of fun, family times and that your week starts off especially well. Praying God's sweet and abundant blessings upon you; may you be LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!!!

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Beth said...

Even the smallest things are a blessing, we just need to be aware of them. Thanks for the reminder.

Liam's pictures crack me up. I had to do a double take to get the full effect.