Friday, October 24, 2008

my heart's in China today

In a few hours, one of my precious friends will be united for the first time with her newest child--in CHINA!

I first "met" Pam two years ago through our agency's Yahoo Group. The two of us, along with about a dozen other women, had just received our referrals and were anxiously awaiting travel to receive our girls.

Not all of us were able to travel together, however, it felt like we did because we bonded so quickly and tightly through our own Yahoo Group.

I finally got a chance to meet Pam in person, along with two of her children (AnnaClaire & Emily) this past summer on my trip to North Carolina. We spent a wonderful morning together drinking sweet-tea at Chick-Fil-A (my first time there!) Emily is the sweet girl who redesigned my blog!

And now I'm starting to ramble...I am just so excited for what's about to happen half-a-world away. Sorry; adoption is an exciting thing for me, Friend! :-)

The newest addition to the Horner family is currently residing at the same place where Sara was cared for (Philip Hayden Foundation in LangFang.) She has received wonderful care and medical attention through the financial support of sponsors world-wide. Their organization is incredible and such a blessing to orphans who need a place to call home as well as medical care.

If you have a heart for children in need, or are interested in adoption, feel free to watch the video I made about our journey to Sara. And, check out Emily's blog about their journey to Kate (my newest "niece.") Isn't she adorable? :-) God is SO good!

Oh, by the way, my sweet girl's sponsor listing is still up. Sara, (referred to as "Becca"), received surgery to repair her cleft-lip and cleft-palate while she was at PHF, as well as multiple test to diagnosis and monitor two holes in her heart.
Although she will still need additional surgeries (cleft-related, her heart has completely healed) in the future, she came home to us completely healthy! We are so thankful for the team at PHF as well as her generous sponsors.

Look at how much our beautiful girl has grown in her two short years of being home with her family:
It is because of God's adoption of me that I am able to enjoy LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a certain adoption blog to go visit and wait to see pictures of the BIG event...


Emily Makes Six said...

I LOVE YOU and I love seeing that beautiful daughter of yours. What a BLESSING she is to all who gaze upon her beautiful face and how preciouse are your words to me. As I have soaked in your most recent post I have been touch deeply by the expressions of your heart (as always). And you pictures of God's beautiful creation....well HIS gifts to us through our surroundings always amaze me. You are precious to me! Nichole

Christina Berry said...

I came over after reading your comment on Ashley's blog. I'm pretty sure we live close to each other, as those pictures looked like they were from HWY 26. ;-)

Anyway, we're fostering to adopt right now and have two of our own. Thought I'd come say hi. Also, I'm a writer and it would be so cool if you came over to and signed up for our infrequent, humorous newsletter!

strandfam said...

Amy, God is so good and I rejoice in all that He has done in your life, and all He has done is sweet Sara's life this last 2 years. He knew she needed you to be her Mama, and what a wonderful Mommy you are. Sara is a beautiful gift from our Father and I thank Him for her.