Friday, September 26, 2008

two weeks ago today...

This morning I was reflecting on where I was two weeks ago, today. Sara and I had boarded a plane for yet another adventure. The destination? Colorado Springs, CO. The purpose? Connecting face-to-face with 4 beautiful women and 4 of my precious Chinese "nieces."

Here's 4 of us at the zoo (from the left, Me from OR, Laura from NJ, Nichole from both FL & CO, and Heidi from CO). Our sweet friend Dawn, from OH, re-injured her ankle the day before while having way too much fun at Focus on the Family! I'd post a picture of her in the wheelchair, but I know she's probably got a blackmail picture of me that she'd then post. You can imagine how very cute she looked. :-)

These are our precious daughters (from left: Bekah (daughter of Dawn), Sara (my girl!), Lucy (Laura's daughter), Emily (Nichole's daughter) and Jaya (Heidi's daughter).

We tried hard to get a great group shot, but the girls were less then pleased. Especially when there were two pink bikes waiting for them to ride! (From left: Jaya, Emily, Bekah, Lucy & Sara). Aren't they too cute for words? The shirts say "best friends," but Lucy gave them an even better name - "sisters Chinese," and it's stuck!

Unfortunately, the rest of our amazing group wasn't able to join us, so we were missing 9 other families. :-( We're hoping we can get all of us together SOON. Until then, we talk DAILY on our Yahoo Group.

This group of women and girls has been an incredible and unexpected blessing along this adventure called "adoption." As I wrote about the other day, God has intricately woven our lives together in an indescribable way. (BTW-Bekah's little sister, Leah, is one of the sweet babies over in China that I asked all of you to pray for.)

It's such a phenomenal story, that I am currently working on my first book about how God transforms lives through adoption. I was blessed to be able to interview my friends in person while were together. The night was incredible. Through our conversation, God gave us a deeper understanding of what He is doing, and will do, through our group.

God has life changing gifts for each of us, sometimes we resist receiving them out of fear. I pray that each of you will take a risk today to open yourself up to not only seeing, but receiving, those awesome gifts. A friend once told me that however much (risk of) pain we are willing to open ourselves up to is the amount of joy we will be able to experience.

I pray that today you are LIVING A BLESSED LIFE!

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Dawn said...

Just getting a chance to catch up on blogs... love this entry and I hate not seeing myself in that pic with you sweet girls!!! :-(
Thanks for posting the pictures. I wish we were still there...
Love you