Tuesday, September 9, 2008

pretty in pink

Two weeks ago, I took my girls to buy their dance attire & shoes. Sara knew exactly which outfits she wanted; this adorable one and a black outfit. We brought them home and she proceeded to dance and twirl in her ballet slippers all day. At bedtime, she put on her pj's and then on went the ballet slippers! Very cute.

This is Chelsea's 8th year dancing. She started when she was three and has been with the same amazing teacher year after year. Chelsea dances ballet and tap.

After watching Chelsea's dance recital last year, Sara couldn't wait for her own class to start. She had a GREAT time in class this morning and looks like she shares her sister's passion and skill for dancing. Very sweet!

The above pics were a bit hard to capture as I couldn't get her to stop twirling to pose. I can already imagine what the recital will be like in nine months. :-)

Pink tutus and bright pink crocs...what better reason to be LIVING A BLESSED LIFE?!?


Valerie said...

Our new dance studio requires *lavendar* leotards for L's class and it took a month and a trip to the dancewear megastore where I spent more than I wanted. But they do look so cute in their dance clothes :-)

HisFireFly said...

These pictures are simply too cute! May you continue to be blessed by your dancers, and may they dance for Him.

Dawn said...

Too cute,
I haven't gotten to see these on the blog yet... but time to do so as I am laid up you know!!! ;-) She is just precious!!!!!!!!!
Was soooooo good meeting you in person and wrapping my own arms around you for that great first hug!!!